Flipz Pretzels, White Fudge, 5-Ounce Packages

Made with real Nestle white fudge. So completely irresistible you’ll make up excuses to eat’em.

Quick facts

  • Case of 12 5-ounce bags (60 total ounces)
  • Made from Nestle white fudge and enriched flour
  • No cholesterol; a good source of protein
  • Full of sweetness and a slow-baked crunch
  • Baked in a traditional brick oven Pennsylvania

Top reviews

How anyone could eat this is beyond me

The chocolate that they use on these things taste like they have been sitting out for a few weeks and have grown stale. It’s just nasty to taste and almost makes me sick thinking about them.
NinfaHartford, WV

A Sweet Treat!

These are the only chocolate-covered pretzels i’ve had and will be the only ones I will ever taste. These are the best snack treats around. You just can’t eat one bag!
NomaSand Fork, WV

good, but could be better in the chocolate department

These are good, but the chocolate coating is a bit waxy and the chocolate could be more chocolaty. The chocolate kind reminds me of a heftier version of the chocolate coating that Hostess or Little Debbie cakes have as an icing on their products.
StellaMonticello, FL

All i know……….

OK, let’s get one thing straight. my girlfriend HATES Chocolate!!!!! i mean i can’t even get here to eat one chocolate chip cookie!!!!! but for some reason she loves these little things, and to be frank so do I. now neither of us are what you would call sweet eaters, but we (my Girlfriend and I) love to munch these sweet treats while curled up on the bed watching a movie.
LavetteAguanga, CA

White Fudge Covered Pretzels – Recommended

These “White Fudge” covered Pretzels are very good and make a good sweet snack since the white fudge covering is fairly thin, just enough to make it tasty but not enough to be overpowering. These get eaten up fairly quickly by my teens if we leave them out, so we generally put out one or two bags at a time.



KarlNaubinway, MI


I love these pretzels. They are the perfect combination of sweet and salty. I can’t stop eating them!! They’re so nommy! Although, i buy them in the store.. i wouldn’t recommend buying them online. They cost 2 dollars and 33 cents for a 5 oz pack i believe.
MartyGallatin Gateway, MT

Unforgetable! Inesquecivel!

My daughter introduced me the first time I went to visit her … I could not stop eating until finish the package! since then, when it comes to Brazil she carries 50 packages! half and half for me to distribute to the family! the contrast of the chocolate with salty pretzel makes me mad. Delicious, addictive …

Minha filha me apresentou na primeira vez que fui visitá-la… Nao consegui parar de comer ate acabar o pacote! desde então, quando ela vem ao Brasil ela me traz 50 pacotes! metade para mim e a outra metade distribuo com a família! o contraste do chocolate com o salgado do pretzel me faz enlouquecer. Delicioso, viciante…

DelsieSikes, LA


I love chocolate covered pretzels, and these are pretty good. The chocolate is above average quality for covered pretzels, but there isn’t a heavy coating, which is a minus in my book. It’s easy to eat the whole bag in one sitting.

I have tried the dark chocolate variety but found those to be pretty tasteless, the milk chocolate definitely complements the pretzels. If they would just add a bit more chocolate coating they would get 5 stars.

MathildeShannon, GA

more than I thought

Came on time, and was more than I expected! There are twelve, 5-ounce Flipz bags in this package. They’re sooo good though, so I ended up almost eating all of them by myself
OdiliaPort Carbon, PA


Totally DEEEEElicious!!! Love Flipz. Especially from Amazon.com, great price and course very quick delivery. Great, just Great.
ChrisDilliner, PA