Flowering Dwarf Hibiscus Tree by Sheryls Shop

Flowering Maple is actually a hibrid of the dwarf Hibiscus tree. Leaves can be red/green/white/gold and any combination. Usually two or more. Also known as red hot tree, flowers yellow/red/green. Maples do not flower but these hybrids do. Twice a year, keep indoors all year or bring outside temp between 40-95 degrees. Shade if kept outside. Picture shows one variation of leaves. This will vary but the amazing colors on the leaves plus three differenht color blooms make this sought after. The color of the pot will either be glazed or unglazed. Tree can be 12-18 inches tall. Most come in 10 or 12 inch pot. Order tray/fertilizer combo in our store.

Quick facts

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  • Flowering Maple Bonsai tree comes in an 8 inch Chinese Ceramic Pot
  • Flowering red yellow and orange
  • leaves have green, red, purple and white all at the same time
  • Water approximately 2 to 3 times per week
  • Indoor tree, can be outside if temperature above 45 degrees

Top reviews

Beautiful Tree

This tree was sent with extra special care. It is apparent that the business cares about the plants and the customers they deal with. The tree was well cared for and came in very meticulously pieced packaging. The company not only gave me a beautiful plant, but gave me a beautiful pot with instructions and support online as well as by phone. I would recommend this product and company to anyone considering buying a Bonsai tree or the like.
JeannetteEthel, MO