Flying Fish Roe 4 oz – Tobiko Caviar Wasabi Flavor Sushi Grade

These bright green berries are wasabi flavored with a kick sure to delight. Flavored flying fish roe is a fundamental eye-catching accompaniment of professional sushi preparations and the home connoisseurs. These bright berries are perfect as an addition to sushi and canapés garnish and add a kick sure to delight.

Quick facts

  • Pack of four ounces
  • Gourmet food gift basket
  • Freshly packed, premium quality

Top reviews

Broken glass

Loved the product, but two jars were broken. Didn’t call for refund because I needed it right when it arrived and too lazy to do the work to return.

Service was great. The product got here exactly when I needed it, that’s why I gave it a high score. Might want to pack product a little better, that’s why the loss of 1 star.

RamonMillington, MD

Love this caviar

I was reluctant in purchasing caviar over the internet but the packaging was GREAT and not to mention i got it on time and it tasted great so I am very satisfied with my purchase!
HoracioHighmore, SD