Fog Buster – Whole Bean Coffee – 5lb, Caffeinated

As dark as Jeremiah’s Pick is going to get, this fog-lifter blends flavors of cedar and smoke to create a bold and robust coffee. Strong enough to ‘wake the dead’ Jeremiah created this coffee for people who seek that special punch in the morning.

Quick facts

  • Whole Bean Coffee
  • Dark Roast
  • Robust, deep, and forward, this dark ebony roast is powerful enough to burn off the gray of a Pacific Coast summer morning.
  • 5lb, Caffeinated

Top reviews

Good Flavor

Before I bought this (there was a great promo at the time, $20 off 2nd 5 lb bag and free shipping)I read reviews saying how great it was, but now the reviews are gone… very weird! So anyways, I have a Cuisinart Grind and Brew, I have had one for 7+ years before they even had the carafe version. The only weird thing about this coffee is that it leaves little “rocks” behind in the grinder (and this is a newer cuisinart grind and brew). All other brands, xxxbucks, etc doesn’t do that. But the flavor is great, we like ours strong but without that dirt flavor like some of the xxxbucks cofee has so this is great for us!
DesireBroken Arrow, OK

Love this brew

Smooth, well balanced, deep. Yummy, may become my new favorite! Dark but not bitter, not as deep as a French roast, but still full flavored without the ” burnt” taste some dark roasts can develope.
LinhBoulevard, CA