Folgers Coffee Singles, Classic Roast, 19-Count

Folgers Coffee Singles, Classic Roast, 19-Count (Pack of 6)

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  • Folgers Coffee Singles, Classic Roast, 19-Count (Pack of 6)

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Break the cycle of overpriced coffee pods once and for all !!

Just because these come in a tea bag type of pouch does not mean they can not be brewed in a single cup ($20) coffee pot. I tried this method of brewing single cups of coffee out of disgust with the price of the all-mighty K cups pods. With K cups, I found myself spiraling toward financial ruin simply to enjoy coffee in a single serving cup.

So, for A FRACTION of the cost here is what I recommend. Purchase a $20 single serve coffee maker, doesn’t matter the brand but this is the exact one I use with the metal permanent filter removed Single Serve Coffee Maker …get the cheapest one you can find. All it is doing is heating water – keep that in mind. Put one of these tea bag style pouches in the filter compartment. Push it down really good in the filter holder and make sure the water won’t flow around it as it hits the bag. Sit back and wait, soon you will have a perfect cup of Folgers coffee.

I have not brewed a pot of coffee any other way since going to these. I have purchased hundreds of packets and have never been disappointed. I just hope Folgers doesn’t realize what they have here and jack up the price.

So…cut yourself loose from the K cup cycle and with the cash you save treat yourself by purchasing one of the out-of-service space shuttles, or send an entire class of graduates at your local school to Harvard.

PiedadTyler, TX