Folgers French Roast Ground Coffee, 27.8 Ounce Tubs

COFFEE FOLGERS-Folgers French Roast Ground Coffee offers a unique flavor that is fresh, bold and satisfying.

Quick facts

  • NOTE: Products are Fresh coming from factory / Distribuitor. IT IS NOT being stored for months.
  • 27.8-Ounce Tubs (Pack of 2)

Top reviews

what better way to greet the morning, than with Folgers.

After many years sticking to one coffee ( which I won’t mention here), I tried Folger’s French Roast. I fell in love with the beautiful aroma and taste this coffee has. This is how I wish to greet each morning. ah…what a way to start the day.
MaudShawnee, WY

ONE OF OUR OLD STAND-BYS. We enjoy this coffee and have many uses for the empty containers.

I like coffee and my wife likes coffee. Despite the fact that we were warned, starting at a very early age, that coffee would “stunt our growth” and do all kinds of horrible things to our growing little bodies, both of us starting drinking coffee at a very early age. No, it did not stunt our growth or have any of the other horrid side effects on us in later life. It did, when I was a wee one, make me rather hyper but I suspect I would have been that way anyway. I have always been in a state hovering between that of giant tree sloth and a crazed ferret…depending on what day of the week it is seemingly.

Anyway, as things stand now we still drink quite a lot of coffee with two large pots being consumed daily. To be quite honest, over the years we have been more inclined to purchase what ever brand was on sale at the time although our two old stand-bys have always been Folgers and Maxwell House. Of the two, this Folgers French grind (Dark or Medium Dark) probably has the edge over the rest…when we can get it. Both of us simply like the flavor better.

Now that being said and truth be told, the breaking point as to whether or not you like a certain brand of coffee greatly depends upon what you get use to. I know full well that many swear by the process of buying their own beans, grinding their coffee to suit their taste and proceeding from there. I do not doubt for a second that this is good coffee…I have had coffee prepared this way many times and it is indeed good. For us though, the process of going through this, the extra cost of having a quality coffee grinder, the time involved and the extra cost of the truly fresh coffee beans, simply is not worth the trouble…that is just us though and our particular life style.

No, we will stick to this stuff and the Maxwell House. It is what we are use to; it is what we enjoy. We will switch from on to the other, depending which is on sale at the time. I must say, the cost of this coffee here on Amazon, if you belong to one of the free shipping programs, is quite attractive and quite competitive.

I also like the empty plastic containers and have dozens of uses for them around the house.

And no, we did not let our children or grandchildren start drinking coffee at an early age…we feared that it would stunt their growth and do horrid things to their growing bodies.

Anyway, this is a great product and meets our needs perfectly.

Don Blankenship
The Ozarks

JarrettPikeville, NC


You can not go wrong buying Folgers coffee. was shipped in a timely maner and was packaged well.I would purchase this again
PeggySouth English, IA

Good Flavor and Aroma Sometimes Hard to Find

This is my favorite Folger’s Coffee and I drink it more than any other brand or flavor. The price is reasonable and the flavor and aroma are quite good for a grocery store brand. It is classified as medium.
It is not always available so I buy several tubs when it is on the shelves.
AlmetaManteo, NC

go further

Folgers is a reputable company and they make a product they will stand behind. But, you coffee lovers should try whole beans and grind them when needed. I know this requires a grinder, and some just do not need this extra step, but I think it is worth it. However, 55 ounces of coffee for $33 is a great buy.
SimaFort Fairfield, ME