Folgers Gourmet Selections Coffee, Hazelnut Creme Ground Coffee, 12-Ounce Bags

Folgers Gourmet Selections Coffee, Hazelnut Creme Ground Coffee gives you the rich flavor of Hazelnut Crème with an enticing aroma and smooth finish. The product is artificially flavored.

Quick facts

  • Pack of three 12-ounce bags (36 total ounces)
  • The rich flavor of Hazelnut Cr?me with an enticing aroma and smooth finish
  • Awaken your senses – get a taste of gourmet every day
  • Medium roast
  • Uses 100% Arabica beans

Top reviews

Disappointed on packaging

The 1st box of coffee was managed to package well, but 2nd box was horrible.. 2 out of 5 coffee packs were broken and spilled everywhere.
RitaBlair, SC

Artificially Flavored

I can’t believe that I didn’t see the light printing on the enlarged picture, but it is there ….barely readable!! I don’t want artificially flavored coffee, and I didn’t know that this was when I purchased 3 of them. Now Amazon states that I can’t return them. BEWARE ARTIFICIALLY FLAVORED COFFEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MorganSumerduck, VA

Lovely Flavor, Sweet smell!

This coffee, along with the vanilla biscotti flavored under the same lines, tastes amazing! I love the frangrance that it leaves behind in the house while brewing! The flavor is very robust–drinking it straight is a treat, but mixed with creme and/or sugar was really good too! I suggest getting this coffee at this price , it comes out to about 3.80 a bag with the promo right now…cant be beat!
KelsieOwings, MD

Great Coffee, Great Price

This coffee doesn’t necessarily have brand cachet, but it’s as good as other coffee I’ve bought at 2x the price.
TerisaDodge, ND

Gourmet Folgers Hazelnut

I love this coffee. The flavor is great.
My coffee arrived quickly, and was packaged very well.
This flavor is hard to find in stores. The price on Amazon is good. I would highly recommend purchasing this coffee.
HerschelMecosta, MI

Not what I expected

I’m not a big Folgers fan, but got this for my Folgers loving Dad for christmas. I LOVE this one, it dosen’t taste cheap, it tastes VERY good. I’m normally a “milk and sugar with a little bit a coffee” when it comes to drinking folgers but this dosen’t need much extras. Its also not one of those flavored coffees that you get sick of after 1 cup.
IsaiasSouth Bend, WA

Folgers Hazelnut Creme Bag Coffee

I tend to drink a good deal of coffee during the morning period and Folgers is just one of my favorites. However, this particular coffee is really tasty. Hope this helps.
DenyseHamilton, KS

Except for the directions, this product does not let down

The directions tell you to only use these beans for your coffee. That’s not necessary. I, myself, use regular beans and just a single teaspoon of Folgers on top and the end result is unbelievable.
I also recommend you keep your open bag in the refrigerator and the closed ones in your freezer, in order to keep them fresh.
IgnaciaDeaver, WY


I love hazelnut and this coffee hits the spot. Tastes great and much cheaper than in our local stores. Will buy again!
JenevaFrancisco, IN