Food For Life Ezekiel 4:9 Organic Sprouted Grain Pasta, Penne, 16-Ounce Boxes

Food For Life Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Organic Grain Pasta is inspired by the Holy Scripture’s verse: “Take also unto thee Wheat, and Barley, and Beans, and Lentils, and Millet, and Spelt, and put them in one vessel, and make bread of it”… Ezekiel 4:9 We di

Quick facts

  • Pack of 6, 16-ounce boxes (total of 96-ounces)
  • All natural, kosher certified, organic, vegan, dairy free, yeast free
  • No conditioners, additives, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • Exculsive baking prcesses to ensure proper moisture levels, texture, and maximum flavor without losing vital nutrients and important natural fiber
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

A great change

This pasta is definitely different than white pasta. Don’t expect the same flavor or texture! However, we love this pasta for what it is. It is a lot like a sponge and needs much more sauce than white pasta to not taste dry. Our favorite way to eat it is just with real butter, salt & pepper. (My kids want this for lunch everyday) As far as other pasta dishes go, I find that you can’t really substitute this. Tinkyada is a good brand that is much more similar to regular white pasta if you just want the health benefits, but don’t want to change your recipes very much. The flavor of this pasta is much more rich and full than a normal white pasta, or even whole grain pasta. It will compete with other flavors, so you have to tinker with it and find what you like it with and what you don’t. I don’t think it tastes like cardboard though, we really enjoy the flavor. All in all, the health benefits are so great, we will use this 90% of the time. Also, I do think the penne is the best shape. The spaghetti is difficult to work with and overcooks easily. The penne is delicate, but turns out much better for me.
JonathonSanford, NC

Perfect Pasta!

Just like the sprouted spaghetti, the sprouted penne pasta is awesome! Cooks super quick, tastes great and is sooo much better for you than any other pasta out there.
SommerOrange Springs, FL

not good

I love Ezekiel bread so I thought I would give the pasta a try. I am giving two stars because the ingredients are great. Unfortunately, the texture is like wet cardboard. I will be going back to regular whole wheat pasta when I finish choking down the other 5 boxes of this pasta-shaped abomination.
WaltonLetcher, KY

Changing my child’s carb habits

I love ezekiel products. These are no exception. I can’t find these in my local Whole Foods for some reason, so I am glad I can get them here. My son uses these instead of white flour macaroni in his every day favorite mac and cheese after school snack. he still uses the nasty powdered cheese from Kraft, but I think at least he isn’t getting a whole ton of enriched flour and useless carb calories. Every little bit helps and these are a great help.
AltheaPicher, OK


I have to agree with one of the earlier reviews. This tastes like cardboard!

I was a bit surprised by the taste and had to check if the box I had was within its expiry date. It was fine. So I slowly chewed a few pieces and found it hard to detect any real “taste” (it’s hard to explain) and it just didn’t taste like any food items I have eaten before. First thing that came to my mind was cardboard. Thankfully I only had one box. The texture was not like normal pasta so it’s just whatever ingredients contained in it made into a pasta shape.

ChristinePiney Flats, TN

Ezekiel is the future

There’s no doubting the nutritional value of the Ezekiel formula. It’s a miraculous combination loaded with fiber and protein with almost no fat but unfortunately this pasta is very difficult to cook. I wanted so much to make this my new super food at dinner time but I’ve had little success making it work and the flavor is comparable to nutty cardboard vaguely resembling pasta. I tried under cooking it but it’s inedible. Dare not over cook or you will have an Ezekiel porridge. Sorry guys I’m really rooting for you but I have to be honest!
MireyaLakeport, CA

Know what you are buying & set your expectations accordingly

I don’t know how people can complain about the taste of this product. I am not sure if they are expecting this to taste exactly like their regular durum semolina pasta but this product has a very acceptable taste and texture for my tastes. This product is the only organic sprouted grain pasta I am aware of and that brings a whole host of health and nutrition benefits. If the nutritional benefits of eating sprouted grains is important to you than I am sure you will find the taste acceptable.

I recommend following the cooking directions and staying within the 3 to 4 minute range, I went to 5 minutes and but I tested it at the 3 minute mark, 4 minutes would be about right for me. This is a bolder tasting pasta, it is not as subtle tasting as regular pasta and if you are expecting that, then don’t buy this product, plan and simple. Some people have mentioned that it has a ‘nuttier’ type taste to it and I can definitely agree with that description. It’s a very subtle nutty taste though. If you are borderline on the taste, you might want to find a sauce that is bolder tasting.

If you are new to non durum based pastas you might want to try going to a whole grain pasta first, which most of the major pasta manufacturers now make. If the taste doesen’t bother you then I would try a box of this pasta. The texture of this pasta is on the firm side of al dente, if you try to cook it longer to soften it up it gets kind of gummy.

Overall I would give this product a 4 out of 5 because I like the taste but I don’t love the taste. It would also be nice if they could give you the option to cook this to various levels of firmness without turning to goo. That being said, I am completely aware that they are working within the constraints of the ingredients used and I think they have done a very good within the confines of the ingredient list.

LadyButler, MD

Bible Pasta

Food For Life created Bible bread from the scriptures. Now they evolve that and use the recipe to make some pasta. Amazing. Quick cooking. Takes about 4 minutes, don’t overcook it or it will be rock hard. Its the softest pasta I’ve tasted. Its healthy for you. I add some oil so it doesn’t stick.
JeanneSheffield, IL

Makes a tasty mac n’ cheese!

I bought two boxes of the penne pasta on sale at our local natural food market. I boiled one box and probably overcooked it. The consistency was not like that of regular pasta. It sort of broke apart, but it tasted fine.
I made 4 cups of white sauce with lowfat milk and plain soymilk (just thought I’d try combining – I used mostly lowfat milk), corn starch, margarine (Smart Balance) and salt and pepper. Then I sprayed the rectangular Corningware dish with cooking spray, I mixed the penne pasta with the white sauce in a pan, then I spread the mixture in the baking dish. I stirred in chunks of cheddar cheese flavored almond “cheese” and sprinkled parmesan cheese and paprika on top. I decided to add a drained 9.75 oz. can of Swanson’s chicken breast, so I stirred that in on top as well. I topped all of this with a small amount of Panko bread crumbs, more parmesan cheese and some pieces of mozzarella cheese and small pats of Smart Balance. I baked the mixture at 350 degrees for 35 minutes. It worked out to be very moist, tasty and creamy comfort food – packed with protein and certainly with less cholesterol and a much lower glycemic index than regular macaroni and cheese. I am most pleased with my creation and this pasta does work in a casserole. It absorbs the flavors of other ingredients. Happy Concocting!
RichardRodney, MI