Four Paws Catnip Leaves

The world’s finest quality, most aromatic catnip ever grown which will make your cat happy, healthy and frisky. Four Paws Super Catnip Leaves & Blossoms may be given as often as desired.

Quick facts

  • Fill an old sock for a great new toy or sprinkle small amounts near your cat’s play area, bed or scratching post.
  • All natural.
  • Resealable poly pouch.
  • ½ oz.

Top reviews

Not what it used to be –

I used to buy Four Paws catnip and my cats loved it. Then I couldn’t find it for a couple of years and was thrilled to find it again on Amazon. What I got was a bunch of sticks mixed with the catnip. There is no scent. The quality of this product is so bad my cat won’t even touch it. I’m extremely disappointed with the quality of this product and am sorry I ordered two boxes which are useless.
VondaSearsport, ME