Four Paws Vita-Greens, 2-Pack

Four paws vita-greens are designed to satisfy cat’s and kitten’s natural cravings for grass ans the 2-pack is perfect for mulit-cat homes.  

Quick facts

  • It also acts as a natural hairball remedy, aids in digestion and keeps cats away from houseplants and forbidden garden plants
  • Vita Greens are completely organic, and our high quality growth medium ensures germination
  • Our formula utilizes potting soil for faster and fuller growth

Top reviews

Cats Love It

This is easy to grow, it lasts quite a while and my cats love munching on it instead of my house plant. If you have it on a tile floor, you need to put something under it so it won’t slide in the original plastic container that it was purchased in. These are just insert refills.
MitchelJordan Valley, OR