Fox’s u-bet 20-Oz. Chocolate Malt Syrup

Artificially flavored. It’s great in milk and delicious on ice cream!

Quick facts

  • Fox’s u-bet 20-Oz. Chocolate Malt Syrup
  • Fox U-bet

Top reviews

Great stuff!

Next time, I’m going to order three bottles of this product. It’s great in a protein shake, or over ice cream.
ChristineChina Spring, TX

misleading title: “Chocolate” shouldn’t be there

I bought “Fox’s u-bet chocolate malt syrup” hoping it would be a replacement for the now-discontinued Hershey’s Whoppers Chocolate Malt Syrup. It isn’t. Despite the name on the web page, the product itself does not use the word “Chocolate” in the title, and (IIRC) there is no chocolate (or cocoa) in it. It’s just malt syrup … and doesn’t seem to taste very malty, either.
VictoriaArlington, MA