Franca Franzoni Honey, Chestnut, 17.6 Ounce

Chestnut honey has a strong aromatic nose and a bitter after taste. It is loaded with pollen, mineral salts and tannins, with a high proportion of fructose that resists crystallization. It has a low acidity. Very dark in color, ranging from clear brown to almost black-brown with amber hues, it has a woody, pungent dry herb aroma and taste with a slightly tannic finish. Unique. Not very sweet at all, and with an singular bitter aftertaste. Very persistent. Highly appreciated by those who like a strong, less sweet honey.

Quick facts

  • Excellent drizzled over fresh cheeses (Stracchino, Ricotta) or better yet over very aged and blue cheeses (particularly Gorgonzola Dolcelatte)
  • Try it the drizzled over Pecorino Toscano and sliced fresh pears
  • Ideal for gelato making: substitute the sugar in the basic vanilla gelato recipe with chestnut honey
  • Drizzle over vanilla ice-cream for a stunning flavor contrast
  • From Tuscany

Top reviews

The Best!

My husband and I were introduced to Tuscan chestnut honey while in Italy. When we ran out of the honey that we bought over there, I ordered this. It’s even better than the brand we bought there! Great chestnut flavor with a smoother nutty taste that’s not too strong. Great for Ceylon tea. Definitely recommend!
NoelOvett, MS