Free Range Buckarooz! Premium Deer Antlers, 4 – 5″ Giant

4-5″ Giant premium antler. Antlers for dogs are Made in the Rocky Mts. U.S.A. Only 1 Ingredient! Renewable Resource, Sanitized, 100% Natural and No Preservatives! What is this beautiful appendage that deer wear atop their heads so proudly? The Master’s handiwork has resulted in a set of antlers that does double duty. They start out as a source of grace and show of strength. Then annually, the velvet protective covering dries and the deer sheds this headdress, making way for a new one to grow. Can you say, “recycle”? This nutrient-packed, marrow-filled bone that has served its 1st purpose and then been cast aside, now becomes a long lasting, natural chew that dogs love. Our antlers are 100% natural and therefore unique in both size and shape.

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Not For Every Dog!

We had heard so much about these and were excited to get some for our Great Dane. He had no interest at all and went back to his rawhide bone. A friend’s black lab was thrilled to get them so I gave them 3-Stars. You might only buy one until you know that they are your Fido’s bone of choice!
DavisRidgeway, MI

Great Value!

I am very happy with this product. It is a great value compared to the price in pet stores. I love that it is so healthy, lasts so long, and doesn’t harm any animals.
EmmieSidney, MI

Good Product for the Price

A neighbor recently bought my dog an antler from a speciality pet store and my dog absolutely loved it! However, I couldn’t justify the $24 price tag that came with it. This anter, although slightly smaller, was such a great value that I had to try it. The 4-5″ description is accurate although misleading if you read it along with the word “giant.” My dog is a bloodhound mix weighing almost 100 pounds and can almost fit the whole anter in his mouth. However, he does love it so I let him chew on it with proper supervision. I definitely recommend this product if your dog is an intense chewer and you’re sick of gross slobbery rawhide (the antler is a much cleaner and natural alternative)!
AvelinaBoulder, UT