Free Range Chicken Breast Wraps w/ Sweet Potato Dog Chew Treats


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I was looking for a chicken/duck dog treat that isnt made in China (most of the popular ones state that they are on their packaging). This one, with its dual French/English labeling and Free Range title, appeared to be a North American free-range organic-type natural product. Especially given the price. But it is NOT, it is also made in China. Upon closer inspection it says this product has no ADDED hormones, antibiotics, preservatives… but it doesnt say the product is FREE OF these additives. I feel duped, and I am returning. I can get the same China-quality for half the price without being taken for a ride.
OtiliaChalkyitsik, AK

#1 treat for a very finicky dog!

When offered a smorgasbord of snacks and treats, Rudy (springer spaniel) always chooses free range chews first!
SixtaRichards, TX

Free Range Chicken Wraps

My little Cavalier King Charles is a very picky eater, but these are his absolute favorites!
ShellyHobbs, NM

Highest currency

Dogs know which treats they like best. These are my dog’s very favorite so I refer to them by saying, “I’ll give you a million dollars.” Now that he knows this phrase, it gets him moving when he’s reluctant to get in the car, or helps change his mind about an agility obstacle that makes him nervous. I also use these as high-value treats for classical conditioning; I give these out when my dog is meeting a new person, or when I’m talking to a neighbor in the backyard, to create positive associations so he’s less likely to bark. Of course he also loves getting these just as a treat. A bag of these treats can be stretched by cutting each one into about 3 pieces to use for training (big enough to still be chewy instead of swallowed whole), but I leave some whole for regular treats. A whole one is big enough that my dog will carry it away to eat, and he will guard it from another dog, so be aware of that if your dog is a resource guarder.

I highly recommend trying these. Don’t be fooled by the tear notch above the zipper; when I open the bag this way the zipper ends up getting ripped. Cut the bag open above the zipper to make sure you can reseal it. The thick plastic keeps the treats fresh.

PuraOswegatchie, NY

Doggie Crack!

My dog goes crazy over these treats! They are like doggie crack! If you want to really reward your dog and show them love you’ll be happy with the Free Range Treats. I cannot purchase these in any of my local stores so I’m very happy there are available on Amazon!
JohnettaSaint Hilaire, MN

Dog Treats

These Chicken and Sweet Potato dog treats are the all time favorite in our home…not for me but for my dogs. I was so happy to see them at such a great price, but when I received them I found that all 5 bags (2 priced at regular price) all had expired dates on them and they were not soft but very hard. They all expired last year. I realize they’re dogs, and I realize the body parts they lick can’t be any worse than some expired dog treats, but knowing that most dog treats, including these, come from China, and with the pet food issues that we have had, I just think that the expiration dates should be noted on the item description, and let the buyer beware. Otherwise, bar none my dogs love these treats, I shouldn’t make that public than they will really go up in price and be even more difficult to find!
RefugioNorth Loup, NE

the best

I dont mind paying a little extra because my dog loves these and I like that it only has two ingredients. Its well worth the investment…
ShardaJonesboro, ME

very special treat

Thank goodness these are back in stock! They are the only treats my dog gets excited about and…they’re healthy!
FreddaHarsens Island, MI

Chicken w/sweet Potato is the best!

I have purchased this product several times. I cut each piece in half for the perfect size. It’s a special treat every morning for my litle 8 pound dog. I’ve tried other brands but always come back to this one. Sealing the package each time will maintain it’s fresh smell and moisture content; insuring a long shelf life.
KimberliYeagertown, PA

Fantastic unexpected find!!!

These were a wonderful find! While looking for chicken or duck breast strips I ran across these and they are FANTASTIC!!! And to top it off, when I read the ingredients list there were only 2 items listed…sweet potato and chicken! How great was that???
AudryBryants Store, KY

sweet potato chicken wraps

our dog thinks sweet potato chicen wraps were invented for him. he loves them and waits not very patiently for them every night.
ReggieNewton Center, MA