Freeland Go Raw Bars, Spirulina, 1.7-Ounce Bar

Pack of twenty-five, 1.7-ounce per bar (total of 42.5-ounces)

Quick facts

  • 100-percent organic
  • No trans fat and gluten free

Top reviews

Delicious but Amazon’s $64.62 price is absurd

The GoRaw company only charges $53.80 per case. Since Amazon offers free shipping, the price should be $53.80.
CarolinaCimarron, KS

these taste terrible

i try a lot of different energy bar and breakfast bar things and strive to find healthy ones that also taste good. these go raw spirulina things taste awful. i tried to eat one while on a bike ride and after a bite or two had to spit it out. i even stuck my fingers in my mouth and wiped off my tongue. i can only think that when these go to sleep at night they dream of being an oatmeal raisin cliff bar.

whoever created these things hates people or has a cardboard tongue. i have a pretty forgiving palette. i eat everything but i couldn’t get these down. it literally made me gag.

be warned.. these are terrible unless you have no taste buds.

sorry Go Raw…. but that’s my experience.

JulesRiceville, IA

Tastes like soap

I love supporting any type of gluten free 100% Organic energy bars. And from the package this looks to be a wonderful energy bar packed with lots of the good stuff. However, it tastes like soap to me. At first, I thought it might be the banana, but my palate screams soap. Trust me, I realize I’m not eating a calorie packed chocolate bar when I purchased these. But I expected the taste to be better. I could only eat a 1/4 of it and can’t get the soap taste out of my mouth.
DarleneAcme, WA

At least very good taste and natural

I’m not sure how healthy these bars are. I am vegetarian and not picky eater but I don’t eat much not organic or processed food (e.g. no douhgnuts, no oreo coockies, no gold fish, etc.).
I don’t mind spending money as long as it is high quality.
I just tried these bars and I really liked.
I respect other opinions but sometimes people think that they eat healthy or good bars only because they taste to pop tarts, zone bars, or other bars.
CareyBennington, NE

organic bar

Go Raw has several others bars that taste really good. This one is not one I would buy again because of taste.
MaryWanette, OK