French’s Fajita Seasoning Mix – 1oz – 12 Pack

Now your family’s favorite fajitas are only minutes away. Start with our Fajata seasoning and ole`! You have restaurant style fajitas everyone will love!

Quick facts

  • Makes 6 servings
  • 1 oz packages
  • Quick & Easy

Top reviews

French’s Fajita Seasoning – The Best Ever

I can not wait until Amazon starts carrying French’s Fajita Seasoning Mix. I was able to find a box of 6 packets about 6 months ago and started using it. My husband uses it in both our steak fajitas and our chicken fajitas and it makes both of them taste wonderful. I have used other fajita seasoning mixes but they are either too spicy or not enough. French’s is just right and my husband absolutely loves it and he is a fantastic cook in his own right. His Chicken Enchiladas have won many county fairs and our friends and relatives are always asking him to make them and the fajitas.

Please Amazon, get this product in as soon as you can.

IeshaDelaplaine, AR