Fresh Blend of Sun-Dried Olives and Almonds

Our Michelin-star Executive Chef Gianluca Guglielmi created our collection of fresh olive blends inspired by regional antipasti dishes enjoyed throughout Italy. He exclusively uses Italian olive varietals, fresh herbs, Italian extra virgin olive oil, balsamic and wine vinegars. Our blends do not contain any additives or preservatives. These rich black olives are not just dry cured, but naturally sun dried under the hot Roman skies. The olives are then marinated in a spirited scented dressing of extra virgin olive oil, lemon and whole almonds.Outstanding paired with hearty southern Italian cheeses, like provolone, pecorino romano and scamorza.

Quick facts

  • Great for snacking
  • Olives will keep indefinitely if kept refrigerated in their own brine

Top reviews

Too salty

The almonds in this mix were great – crunchy with a bit of lemon flavor; but the olives were too salty to consume.
CasandraCamp Crook, SD

Sun-Dried Olives and Almonds (Olive Essicate con Mandorle)

For some you will have to aquire a taste for the way these olives are cured. If you are willing to try it and hang in there it is well worth it though. These have already been prepared for you but you can still add your own olive oil and any other spices you may like to them. The flesh of these olives after being cured is meaty with a slight bitter to them. They play off the almonds very well. The almonds in this mixture are soft, smooth (almost creamy) and offset the slight bitter in the olive. I prefer to eat one or two olives and then follow up with an almond. You can even eat both simultaneously. The olives do have pits so be careful. Don’t just bite down into one or you may damage a tooth. Eat the flesh of the olive off of the pit. I prefer to add some of my own extra virgin olive oil but it is up to your individual taste. This would go great on an antipasta tray or served with some cheeses and maybe some wine. Buon Appetito!
LarraineLivingston, LA