Fresh Cut Flower Delivery 6 Month Subscription – The Frequent Flower Club

We grow fresh flowers year-round on our Southern California flower farm. Now you can enjoy the convenience of having fresh cut flowers shipped to you, or someone else, automatically, on a regular schedule, and at a discounted price! We will send a double bouquet, normally consisting of 50 stems, each month. We have a different featured bouquet each month: our photo shows some of the bouquets used in the program (you get 2 single bouquets, 50 stems total, per shipment in the program). Regular deliveries are on the first Wednesday of the month, but we can send the first delivery when you order. We will contact you for the start date. Fedex shipping is included in the price.

Quick facts

  • Fresh cut flowers delivered by Fedex monthly (shipping included)
  • Program terms of 3, 6 or 12 months. Pay once and we do the rest
  • The featured Bouquet of the Month will be sent (read description below for details)
  • Fresh cut flowers, sold by and sent directly from a California flower farm
  • *Vases not included*

Top reviews

Amazing fresh flowers and lot’s of them!

Ordered their 6 month Frequent Flower club subscription off of Amazon. Wasn’t sure what I was going to get but had some points I needed to use to I went ahead and ordered 6 months. I was very impressed by the quantity and the quality of the flowers. Each month I received a variety of flowers, two bouquets, sometimes two similar ones, sometimes they were different. There were so many flowers I divided them up and made arrangements for the kitchen, the dining room table and even small arrangements in the bathrooms. They’re super fresh and come with several packets of preservative so as long as you change the water and cut them mine typically lasted at least 10 days looking super fresh. This is my first month without them, I’m going to reorder another 6 months subscription because I really have missed them this month. I’d highly recommend them!
JolandaNicollet, MN