Friskies Cat Treats Tender Hairball Remedy with Chicken, 3-Ounce Pouches

The Friskies cat treats tender hairball remedy with chicken, 3 ounce pouches (pack of 10) is a tasty way to help prevent and eliminate hairballs. Friskies tender hairball remedy uses the great taste of real chicken to help your cat actually enjoy controlling hairballs.

Quick facts

  • Contains 10 packets of cat treats 3 ounce each(totally 30 ounces)
  • Each tender morsel helps prevent hairballs from forming
  • Eliminate existing hairballs in cat’s digestive tract
  • Each 1 g piece contains 90 mg of petrolatum
  • Made With Real Chicken

Top reviews

I like it!

The treats came in a brownish/yellowish package rather than the blue/green color displayed, but though a different color package, the treats are the same as what I had before (in the blue/green pkg). Being I was getting a package of 10 bags, I was hoping the expiration date was far out and it was (June 2010) so am very happy. These particular treats (Friskie soft/tender chicken) have become just about impossible to find in stores anymore so was thrilled to find them online.
RachaelForest City, MO

YES! Finally!

These are a great way to help prevent reoccurring hairballs. I wouldn’t recommend them as a treatment since you have to give alot of them to get rid of existing hairballs. But once my cat’s hairball issue was under control we maintained him on these. Four stars because you’d have to give him the whole bag to get rid of hairballs.. but they are great for maintenance purposes.
KoriRichland, NY

Price is Right

I have one cat with severe constipation and the other with some hairball problems. Friskies hairball remedy with chicken is the one treat they will both eat. I like the price as well as the convenience of home delivery on a self-chosen time basis. I never have to worry about going to the store and finding they are out of stock. Thank you Amazon.
ErinLiberty, NC

Excellent treat for pilling

My cat takes two types of heart medication; one is a small pill and the other is made up of divided granules from a human-sized capsule. I am always on the lookout for soft, pliable treats in which to insert her meds. Until I had picked up a bag of these treats, I had been using Whisker Lickins Tender Moments treats. However, those can get dried out by the time you get to the last half to third of the bag, rendering them useless for the pills. These are very soft, and while they’re more expensive than other low-end brands, they stay fairly soft, even down to the last one. They’re also much less expensive than Pill Pockets and can be bought in more retail outlets. The extra benefit of helping with hairballs is yet another plus!
DrewPiedmont, KS

Our cat loves these.

Our cat loves these hairball treats. In fact, I have to make sure she can’t get to them. She got into the bag one time and ate about half. Needless to say, she was sick for several days after her blunder. But she still loves her treats. To her, they are just a treat. For me, they do help her remain hairball free.
ErnieCortland, NY

Very effective for hairball maintenance

These treats really do work. Getting my cats to take Laxatone was impossible. They are a little oily so dont feed on something that might stain. Recommend several a day to prevent hairballs.
CandraMinden, WV

The Best!

I have tried every hairball remedy out there and this is definitely the best. Why? Because the cats will eat them with no problem. It was always a battle to get any of the other remedies in the cats, half of it ended up on me or the fur or the floor. The remedy is no good if you can’t get it in the cat. LOL!

But every cat I have owned/own loves these “treats.” I do a maintenance feed once a week and when the shedding gets bad I do it every day for three days. Even better, it gets great results. No more surprise globs on the floor, no more hacking sounds in the middle of the night. LOL!

I hardly ever give these ‘Wow’ reviews but this product deserves it!

Also the price is about the same as the box stores but they don’t always have them in stock so this is great too.

EneidaWalsenburg, CO

So thankful for these!

Our cat has medium lenght hair and like most cats grooms often. I started to notice that she was hacking a little & wasn’t using the litter box as often,(#2)so i looked up online and it said she may have hairballs. There are a lot of black nasty pastes out there but its difficult to dose a cat with them. I only feed my cat Friskies so i went to the website and saw the hairball remedy treats. I couldnt find them at my local stores so i ordered them from amazon. My cat loves the taste and within a few days she was back to her old self. With this pack of 10 i should be well stocked for a while.
LuannaOhiopyle, PA

Our carpets are saved!!

These things REALLY work! I bought these based on all the positive reviews as a desperate attempt to find something that would stop our female tabby from throwing up 2-3 times a day, every time she ate. I’ve been giving both our cats 3 a day (less than the “treament” amount but more than the “maintenance” amount), and in the past month, the tabby has thrown up maybe 2 or 3 times total. Our boy cat, who had hairballs more rarely (maybe one every other week), hasn’t had a single one since they started getting these. And they absolutely LOVE them! They’re moist and chewy, and I’ve been able to train them both to sit up on their back feet on command for these treats. I hadn’t held out much hope for these since we’d already tried Petromalt and had switched them to expensive hairball formula cat food, but I was definitely surprised at how well they work. Go for Subscribe & Save to save some money — a box of 10 packs every 6 months is just about perfect, and if you wind up with too many, you can always skip or delay a shipment.
DonitaCartersville, GA

The only treats my cat can eat

My cat gets sick from crunchy treats but gets hairballs if we don’t give him anything. It seems that I can no longer find these particular treats in stores, so I’m glad they have them here. They are reasonably priced and it’s great that they can be delivered with Amazon Prime.
AleshiaDanville, VA

Friskies Tender Hairball Control snacks

Both of our cats love these soft treats–and ONLY these treats! We give them these in addition to their indoor cat food to help keep down the hairballs. A great thing since one is a long-haired Main Coon and the other is a meuium-hair Pastel Calico. Getting them in bulk from Amazon is a HUGE money saver and convenient since these treats have become expensive and difficult to find in our area. I recommend the treats AND the auto-ship option from Amazon!
ColbyTonalea, AZ

One Happy Owner and Two Happy Cats

Friskies created a wonderful product that my cats love to eat and it stopped the fur ball problem completely. It is like and hide and seek to find it in the stores. Thankfully Amazon carries this product.
GeorgeannaLynchburg, OH

No hairballs, good breath

I don’t know how it works, but these help my cat have good breath and not have hairballs, even when we travel and she is nervous. Good to have, we just give her 1-2 treats each day.
DustiMurray, NE

My cats love these!

These treats are the only ones that one of my cats will eat. And thank goodness Amazon has them, because most of the stores around me have stopped carrying them, for some reason. We’re on the subscription plan at my house!
EtsukoPalm Coast, FL

Thank God

when I did my weekly shopping and found they no longer carried these wonderful hairball treats that brought my fluffy cat back to life after she became full of hair from self grooming. I’ve found these to be a Godsend and was so glad I was able to still find them online. These treats help the cat ease out the excess hair she accumulates no matter which end it lubricates. I can’t live without these as she’s so fussy, they are all she will devour when bound up by hairballs.
ClydeFair Haven, MI

Friskies Hairball Remedy

Friskies Hairball Remedy is now impossible to find in local stores in the San Francisco Bay area. I was happy to find it on Amazon. It works for my cat. It is the only hairball remedy we have found on the market that my cat will eat and she loves it. It is the only one that she will hold in her stomach without heaving it out.
MalcolmHackensack, NJ

my cats favorite treat via

product came extremely fast in the mail was fresh and packaged well.
I can give my cat Pretty Kitty other treats instead of these she will sit there
and look at me until I put at least 1 of them in the bowl with the other. that’s how
much she likes these.
OdellTalkeetna, AK

a real hit

Two of my three cats love these. In the past, I used these treats to hide a pill for a sick cat. It worked like a charm and worked much better than pill pockets. two of my kitties love these and beg for their treats. the 16yo cat seems to get less hairballs and it keeps things moving for him.
LouraSanta Fe, NM

Candy for cats

These are like candy for our cat, who goes crazy when she hears the bag rustle (or anything that sounds like it). If you want to give your cats treats, they will probably love these. They are also soft enough to wrap around a pill, so if you need to give your cat medicine they are a great option. However, I only give 4 stars because I doubt the nutritional value of treats in general and I’m concerned with the almost addicting quality of these.
EmelySaint Mary Of The Woods, IN

Great Treats!

These treats are amazing. I moved into a new condo with new carpet and I think my cat was licking herself constantly to get the carpet fibers off. As a result, she was having hairballs at least three to four times a week. Brand new carpet and hairballs are not the best combination! I tried these treats after reading all the great reviews on here. At first, I gave her at least six everyday and they slowly started to work. After she went a couple days without a hairball, I started to give her four every other day. They continue to work. These are more expensive than other treats, but they are totally worth it if your cat has issues with hairballs. My cat won’t eat these as a treat, but I just put them in with her food and she eats them right away. AWESOME product.
ShilaShuqualak, MS

Only Soft Hairball Remedy Left (that my cat will eat)

After Pounce discontinued their soft hairball “pillows”, Friskies is the last soft Hairball Remedy (that my cats will eat). My Vet gives his cat 6 of these to his cats (cuts down on vomiting) and recommended it to me. I have done the same and my medium hair cat rarely vomits and has regular poop habits. Highly recommended.
MickeySpartanburg, SC

happy cat

my cat is very finicky, but she is my baby…we couldn’t find her treats anywhere (actually, we still can’t find her favorite ones…whitefish and tuna (something like that) but she does love these!!!
FrancescaCameron, SC

My cats love these treats!

I have been giving these treats to my cats for several years now and they love them. It gets rid of hairballs in no time at all!
JameMammoth, AZ