Friskies Country Style Dinner for Cats

Friskies Classic Pate Country Style Dinner Canned Cat Food – what your cat is hungry for today and every day. A savory blend of ingredients is what makes Friskies so incredibly irresistible. Great taste ensures 100% nutrition is enjoyed by your cat.

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Friskies Country Style Dinner

If your cat is finicky, this is the food to buy. Cats love this flavor, and it does not smell as strong as some flavors.
IlseEkwok, AK

Not too bad!

Again, this is one of those varieties that you use as a "variety" from your cat’s regular likes. I toss this one in whenver I can find it in the store and my cat just eats it like well, I have to eat this, don’t I? It’s not his favorite but he does choke it down somehow. He doesn’t leave this one so he likes it somewhat. It’s ground, so that isn’t his favorite but you can actually see vegetables in this one. I like that part so that’s why I buy it.
GertrudBroomfield, CO