Friskies Wet Cat Food, Classic Pate, Special Diet Beef & Chicken, 5.5-Ounce Cans, Pack of 24

Emerald Nuts Dry Roasted Walnuts, 9-Ounce Canisters (Pack of 6) has the flavors of beef and chicken, plus a smooth, pleasing texture. This cat food is made with finely ground beef and chicken and helps maintain urinary tract health by reducing urinary pH.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twenty-four, 5.5 ounce each (total of 132 ounces)
  • Helps maintain urinary tract health by reducing urinary pH
  • Made with finely ground beef and chicken and low in magnesium

Top reviews

Bad packing, good product

Another packing problem with canned Friskies cat food. Dents, broken cans, and a mess to clean. Product’s good, packing is bad.
StarTipton, TN

Excellent cat food

Several of my cats have dietary restrictions and since they have been eating this canned food they haven’t had any problems. (mainly urinary tract and bladder infections). They love the taste also which is unusual for a food that is actually good for them.
JohnsieSinnamahoning, PA

Your cat will think they are something special.

If you have a different kind of cat meaning doesn’t like anything in a can that is fish flavored or otherwise and will only eat the pate. Seriously cat, you can’t eat the shredds or bits…(no teeth problem)this is the heigth of spoiling but I put in a mini food processor to get her to eat. Gives you an idea of who runs whom…bought this flavor and now she is super happy and will try to get the can out of the cardboard tray herself if Mama doesn’t move fast enough. I also gave her a couple other flavors but she only nibbled, this she gobbles and snorts as she eats. I’m thinking she really likes it…lol So buy this and your baby will think she is something special too.
BiancaColumbia Falls, ME

He eats it,

After trying two other food (Purina ONE dry food (vet rec), Purina ProPlan wet food, both urinary tract health varieties) this was the first one my cat would eat at home (apparently he ate the ONE for the vet- just like he ate his antibiotic out of the vets hand while we have to shove it down his throat…). He spent 20 days at the vet, and ended up going back for emergency surgery to remove a stone, and lost quite a bit of weight during the process. After we got him home he refused to eat until we tried this food.

Anyway, eventually when he is less pitiful he will have to eat the gigantic bag of ONE or get a job to pay for it, lol, but for now this is helping him recover. He will probably move to a 50% canned, 50% dry food diet eventually.

RosaliaWorthville, PA

Awesome Deal!

With prices going up at all the pet and grocery stores, I’m so glad I found that Amazon sells the “Special Diet” cat food! I subscribed to the “Subscribe and Save” and pay less than at the store! Win-win! Comes sealed and fresh. My cats are very happy they do not have to miss their evening treat!
JesusaPenrose, CO

Flavor Favorite

It’s difficult to find a food for urinary tract health that my cats like. They love this flavor of Special Diet Friskies.
SharikaAmma, WV

Also Oberon approved

Well, my cat seems to like this stuff… but he isn’t really picky about his food. We get the special diet stuff to help him avoid urinary crystals, and he hasn’t had any urinary issues since he’s been eating this. I love the Subscribe & Save option for this! We just have a few different flavors on staggered shipping schedules to mix things up a bit, and it’s the cheapest price around.
EliSalsbury Cove, ME

on behalf of elderly and/or toothless kitties

One of my cats is an oldie but a goodie – he vomits up anything that he can’t digest well – this stuff and the other Friskies Classic Pates (senior diet) always stay down.
CourtneyDearborn, MO