Frito Lay Sun Chips Garden Salsa Flavored Multigrain Snacks, 10.5Oz Bags

Sunchips brand Multigrain Snacks are a unique combination of great taste, great crunch and hearty grains rolled into one remarkable chip with a light and crispy texture. Sunchips are the tastiest multigrain snacks under the sun.

Quick facts

  • 10.5oz Bags
  • Pack of 6 Bags
  • 0g Trans Fat, 18g of Whole Grain
  • MSG, Soy Free

Top reviews

Delicious chips

These are one my favorite kind of Sun Chips. They have a zesty taste that is not too sharp or bland, with just the right “kick”, and a nice crisp texture. While these are not a health food, their sodium and fat content is much better than other snack foods. These chips work really well with a dip and vegetables for a pre-dinner snack.

Shop for price. The price printed on the 10.5 oz bag that I buy at my local supermarket is $3.79 (and I pay less on sale), so the price on Amazon is higher than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

RuthanneMuncie, IN