Fromm Four-Star Salmon with Sweet Potato Dog Treats, 8-Ounce Bag

Fromm Four-Star treats offer your dog the variety and taste they deserve as a savory snack or well deservered sweet reward. These mouthwatering grain-free treats are made with fresh vegetables, fruit, and other natural USDA-inspected ingredients to offer the finest taste and quality. This recipes features wild salmon, sweet potatoes, green bell peppers and spinach in addition to 16 other fresh, all-natural ingredients, oven baked to crispy, flavor-filled perfection. For help choosing the proper treat for your dog, please read our article Choosing Dog Treats, Chews and Bones .

Quick facts

  • Grain-Free
  • Oven-broasted freshness
  • Made in the USA

Top reviews

Fantastic grain free treats!!!

Considering the fact that these treats are grain-free, and have high quality ingredients, the price makes sense. You always pay more for better things, right? I love that these treats aren’t full of things I cannot pronounce. They also don’t have a bunch of things in it that make no sense to feed a dog (like sugar). These treats are also made in the USA, which is important to me. All in all, these are great treats. The dogs love them, and I can give them treats without feeling guilty, or worrying that they will get sick. Try them yourself, your dogs will love you for it.
HansSchuylkill Haven, PA

Tasty, Nutritious but expensive

the dogs love these nutritious treats, but they are very pricey for the size and amount.
MollyDagmar, MT