Fromm’s Four Star Canned Dog Food – Shredded Beef Entree

Fromm Family Four Star Nutritionals Canned Dog Food Recipes are Slow-Cooked– Shredded Beef Entree…A generous portion of shredded Beef simmered with diced carrots, peas, and potatoes.

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BEST Dog Food!!!

My puppy who is a toy rat terrier was not eating very much of her merrick puppy plate and not gaining any weight. So the vet told me to mix wet food with her dry food. So I switched her to Fromm’s Surf & Turf grain free dry and then started mixing some of the Fromm’s wet canned shredded beef. My puppy devoured this and licked her bowl and went looking for more. The best part is that I can take her right outside after eating and she goes right away. And, her stools were still formed not messy. (Gross, I know but important to pet owners who don’t want to clean up mess). This stuff is better than Weruva too. The weruva cans were filled with more liquid and consequently, the stools reflected this. But Fromm’s is the best. THe doggie loves it and she didn’t have any side effects even transitioning her all at once the way I did. The ingredients in the food are all totally healthy and the pup loves it. Great company, all holistic, safe, and made in the USA not in Communist health hazard China.
TheoPresho, SD

Best Wet Food We’ve Tried

Absolutely love this wet food as a compliment to our Fromm’s Dry food that we feed our two dogs. Quality ingredients and it’s so tasty that our girls freak out and start to cry as soon as we open the can (they did not do that with previous wet food)!
RiaPeggs, OK


I have an 8lb chihuahua/terrier mix who would not consistently eat his meals. I’d feed him twice a day and there would be days he’d literally only eat a 1/4c food if that. I figured to try mixing wet canned food w his dry. I have been feeding him Fromm dry, he only eats the gold label for some reason, but hey if it ain’t broken don’t fix it!!

I bought a can of the 4 star canned food and the other type of canned food they sell (can’t think of the name, but it’s more of a purée mush). He didn’t care Much for those cans but gobbled the four star shredded beef up! I returned the other type and got beef, pork, and chicken. Right now he’s tried beef and chicken and loves them both. I think it’s the fact that their is more chunks that he likes. Il do a serving of his dry food with a spoon full to two and mix. He gobbles it up with no issue. He even spends his time licking the bowl haha. I can attest to the other post, that after eating his serving this morning waiting 10 min going out, dog did his business no problem (AND he pooped before he ate) so I know it was the food haha!

All in all of you dog is having trouble eating dry food through a little of this in and they CANNOT say no!!!!

JacqualineFerrum, VA