Frontier Ground Turmeric Root

Frontier Ground Turmeric Root (minimum 5 percent Curcumin) comes in 16 ounce bags. Our organic ground turmeric has a wonderful, golden-yellow color and a pungent, distinctive aroma. Its flavor resembles both ginger and pepper. Indispensable in curry powders and East Indian cooking, turmeric is also used in prepared mustards and pickles, dressings, eggs and rice dishes. Frontier all natural and organic turmeric comes in a variety of packaging options to suit your individual needs.

Quick facts

  • Three 1 Pound Bulk Bags
  • An Asian cooking staple with a warm aroma, bright color and gingery/peppery taste
  • All-Natural, Non-GMO Verified
  • Non-Irradiated, Kosher
  • Frontier is a member owned co-op, responsible to people and planet

Top reviews

Not golden yellow, but instead is medium brown in color

Big disappointment, as I bought three one-pound bags. I have always thought of ground turmeric as yellow in color, and indeed the product description page for this product says, “Our ground turmeric has a wonderful, golden-yellow color and a pungent, distinctive aroma.” As the color is not yellow, but brown, and the aroma is mild, not pungent, I assume this product is stale. I contacted another herb vendor who confirmed turmeric should be a yellowish color. I would rate one star but the packaging was very good.
JuliettaComstock Park, MI

How Curcumin is Absorbed Properly

I bought some of Frontier’s organic tumeric at our local health food store. Dr. Russel Blaylock, neurosurgeon and author of The Blaylock Wellness Report says tumeric must be mixed with an oil in order to be absorbed. He suggests olive oil or fish oil.

Life Extension Foundations sells products like tumeric and they mix it with peperine (black pepper) for better absorption.

PureBulk sells powders and it says about their product: “PureBulk offers an extract of turmeric which has been standardized to 95% curcuminoids (the active constituent in turmeric).”

So I don’t understand what the minimum 5% curcumin means on the Frontier product. Does it mean that PureBulk’s product has 95% and this product only has 5% curcumin? Maybe someone could explain this.

I have taken the Frontier’s organic product for a couple days now and it seems to help brain inflammation. My brain was poisoned when a dentist drilled into a silver amalgam filling and let the mercury vapor go into my brain. You can google my name along with mercury to find out how to avoid toxic dentistry.

PureBulk does not say their product is organic.

JohanaFort Buchanan, PR

happy with purchase

Athough I haven’t used the product yet, the color and smell of the turmeric appears and smells good. I like that it is non-irradiated and certified organic. There is a lot in the 3 foil bags. I poured one bag in a quart glass jar and there was about a cup left over that wouldn’t go into the jar. It has 5% curcumin and so far haven’t found a bulk product with more percentage curcumin than that at this reasonable cost. I believe the curcumin content is strong anti inflammatory properties. If the total turmeric does this, I haven’t heard. But I like to have the bulk for cooking. When I can afford, I take other curcumin supplements for the anti inflammatory benefits as well.
KimberWatonga, OK


So far all the turmeric I bought was of a deep yellow color so imagine my disappointment when I opened one of the 3 bags in this order and found this dark brown powder. I ordered from this company because I thought they were reliable, but am very disappointed by this product. My curries and other dishes where I use turmeric will not look appetizing with this deep brown “spice”.
RoseanneWaynesburg, PA

Not Organic

I believe that this product is not Organic as stated in the description. The label does not have an Organic seal, but a Kosher one (KSA). Also, the bar code on the product that I received matches what I found to be Frontier’s Kosher turmeric (0-89836-00202-0) not their Organic turmeric (0-89836-02604-0). The product does appear to be of good quality, albeit potentially contaminated with Pesticides and Fungicides, etc.
IsmaelElton, LA

the vote is still out

i was really expecting some miraculous results with this. i have not received them as of yet. i purchased this for my dog. i can tell it is in her system as she has a defined order when supplemented with her food. i have not noticed a shrinkage in her tumors as of yet. she has been on it for about a month. the last week i have been giving her system a break. i plan to start again next week. as of now i will probably reorder and give it another try. hope this helps.
InocenciaYork Springs, PA

great product/ great service

the quality of the product is great! The metallic wrapping will keep it fresh forever.
I suffer from migraines, and this has been the only thing that helps, it beats any over the counter
and prescription meds. I take one teaspoon with 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper and within 15 minutes my pain is gone
also works wonders on my joints and muscle pain.
now I’m a believer on natural remedies, I was by far the most skeptical person, and had long arguments with my brother about it! I will only believe in what the doctor will prescribe, and was I wrong!!!
if you suffer from headaches or arthritis give this a try!! it does not taste bad at all.
TishHubbardston, MI

Fresh and very good deal

The packaging of this spice is superior to other packaging methods I’ve experienced. The color is vibrant and aroma excellent. I’ve used this in rice dishes so far and plan to develop more ways to get it in my family’s diet. I’ve seen on many sites and in other reviews advice to use turmeric with oil (olive oil would probably be ideal) to aid absorption. Absorption is the goal because this isn’t just food; it’s medicinal.

The active ingredient is curcumin. This product claims at least 5% curcumin. Turmeric typically has a range of curcumin between 2% – 6%. Curcumin is responsible for the dramatic and many health effects of this spice. It helps against inflammation, diarrhea, arthritis and a lot more. The one getting a lot of attention now is to aid against the prevention of Alzheimer disease. There are studies on this so it’s not official yet. I guess it’s semi-official if you think about all the doctors behind this movement and some statistics about populations that use turmeric.

The spice is agreeable in many dishes in combination with other flavors.

BarberaPleasant Ridge, MI


Frontier has never let me down in any of the spices I have ordered. All of them are delivered fresh and quickly in resealable dark bags for longer freshness and flavor. That being said, I would love to recommend Turmeric for many, many other reasons. If you don’t know the health benefits of Turmeric, please take a few moments to research them as there are many. I use Turmeric for its anti inflammation properties and anti cancer properties. It is helpful in weight loss and brain function as well as energy. Currently I am using it in my dogs food daily. He is an 11 year old French Bulldog who we just adopted from a shelter. He came to us with seizures but now has a tumor growing on his mouth. His doctor says at this point there isn’t much we can do as it is most likely brain cancer. After a few hours of crying I researched Turmeric and dogs and found that many tumors have been reduced by adding a Tbs. or more in their food daily. I’ve been doing it for about a week and is really does look much better. Knock on wood this will help him. I’ve been drinking Turmeric in my water with cayenne pepper, ginger, lemon juice and aloe vera for quite a while and I’ve never felt better. I use it to keep my hands pain free. I am a massage therapist who does deep tissue and I really have to keep inflammation out of my body. Great product, great price and phenomenal company to purchase from.
ElizebethPlainwell, MI


Smelled fresh. I like that it said what percentage of Curcumin is in it. I’ve used this along with mustard powder mixed with jojoba oil on some non-malignant sarcoid tumors on a horse and they went away so it must have some anti-tumor qualities as mentioned in my research.
MichelinaDavis, WV

Frontier Ground Turmeric Root minimum 5% Curcumin

I received this before the estimated shipping date. Excellent service. I have been using this product for almost a month now. It is not organic but Non-radiated. I wanted the 5% curcumin so that’s why I opted for the non-organic. The taste is wonderful, better than the store bought Turmeric. My mother who is 80, has noticed that she has been able to sleep through the night. Her shooting pain that runs down her legs used to keep her up at night has gone. She has more energy, better digestion and less brain-fog. My husband has diabetes & a cholesterol problem. We will know about that on his next blood work. In all I was very satisfied with the service and the product. I would purchase again.
MagdaMagna, UT

Great Product!!

I ordered 6 pounds of this stuff, came well packaged, taste alott better than the stuff you buy at the grocery store, very fresh, comes sealed in foil bags, I take it for medicinal purposes, usually take around a TBSP a day, Shipping was very fast, Higly recommend!!
RubenCentreville, MS

Great Product Good Price

Great product at a low cost. I use it for its health benefits, it seems to be helpful. It is a rather strong herb so if you intend to take it for health reasons I would advise you to come up with a mixture of your own that will help you take it daily and allow your body to absorb it properly. It was delivered quickly, I would order here again.
MelissiaBlue Ridge Summit, PA

Frontier Ground Turmeric

I order Frontier Ground Turmeric on a regular basis. My husband takes this every day for preventive medicine. He takes 1 tablespoon mixed with tomato juice and it gives him more energy and he has been feeling a lot better since using this product.
Amazon makes it very easy and affordable to buy from them instead of going to a health food store and only getting a small amount for an outrageous price.
CleliaChuckey, TN

Excellent service!

Product is just as described and arrived fast! Will purchase again soon. Very well packaged and stores perfectly. I always buy spices in bulk to get the most cost effective price.
AbigailLeetonia, OH

Frontier Turmeric

Good price & fast ship! Very satisfied! 5 ***** STARS! Okinawa, the island nation with the world’s longest average life span, 81.2 years. Okinawans drink copious quantities of turmeric tea. Check out Dr. Weil’s recipe for turmeric tea and the full report at: […]
KareenThree Rivers, CA

Very pleased

Very happy with this purchase! We give turmeric to our four dogs daily with their food. We had been buying smaller containers of it but since we go through so much of it, decided to purchase in bulk. I appreciate that these are in 3 individual packages so I can keep some fresh while I am using the rest. This will last us over a year and the price is right! Looks and tastes just like the more expensive brand we were previously using. I will purchase this again!
NormanRush Springs, OK


Strong, tastes good, and a great deal. This brand is the real thing. I also highly recommend their cayenne pepper.
NikitaWestphalia, IN

Great Product!

Always fresh, and it arrives in 3-4 days (CA or SC). Excellent price for what may well be the healthiest spice going! Although I do prefer Organic, Free-Trade.
StephniePearce, AZ