Frontier Natural Products Organic Roasted Chicory Root Granules, 16 Ounce

A pinch of this, a sprinkle of that anyone who knows their way around a kitchen knows that you can’t cook without the pizzaz of spices.

Quick facts

  • Frontier Roasted Chicory (1x1LB )
  • Good Value and Practical
  • 1x1LB

Top reviews

Good stuff.

This stuff is really good quality. My wife has tachycardia and chicory root made in a coffee pot is really really good for that. Through the years we’ve bought various different kinds of chicory root and the USDA organic Frontier is really good stuff. While all chicory root helps her condition, not all has the same texture and taste quality. This stuff is good.
MadonnaWise, VA

Wonderful chicory taste

Most chicory I’ve bought is blended with coffee or other ingredients. This is 100% chicory. A little goes a long way. I measure about a half-teaspoon per cup and put it either in a basket or teabag inside the teapot and let it steep. We drink it both hot and cold. It’s delicious!
CarissaTateville, KY


Loved the chicory, it was very pure taste. Mixed with coffee or just by itself it was very good. Will definitely purchase again.
KeriSoldier, IA

Best Chicory I’ve Tried

Frontier chicory is the best chicory I’ve found so far. From the bright and deep aroma to the noticeable smooth taste it’s a pleasure to drink and enjoy.

Frontier chicory is not a fine ground chicory. At first I thought this might be a fault, but I was wrong. It’s perfect.

I have also tried other chicories, including Community Kitchen brand. Community Kitchen chicory is fine ground, but weak in aroma and flavor compared to Frontier.

Other Frontier products have been outstanding and their chicory is exceptional.

PetronilaTontogany, OH

Great with cold press coffee

When I was young (after WWII) coffee and chicory essense was all one could get. It had a great taste. Recently I discovered that this mix originated in South India and was introduced to France via the French Colony there. Chicory gives a ‘chocolate tinge’ to the flavor and assists the coffee to take up more water. Made in the cold press manner,see my review of the Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew product, the result is smooth, nonbitter coffee ecstacy. This product, perfectly granulated, is ideal for brewing this way. Hooray for Frontier Natural Chicory!
DanyelleFront Royal, VA