Frontier Seasoning Blends Salt Free All-purpose Seasoning, 1.20-Ounce Bottles

Premium quality. All natural. Freshness dated. Non-irradiated.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 1.2-ounce bottles (total of 7.2 ounce)
  • Salt-free blend
  • All-natural

Top reviews

Now, I don’t miss salt at all

This spice blend is my favorite. The spices blend superbly so there is no excessive pepper, garlic or “green” taste. I eat a low carb, low sodium diet and I find this seasoning is perfect for creating a crunchy, carb-free coating on baked (free ranged/hormone free) meats. It’s also great in salad and egg dishes. I was a huge salt fan, but with this blend, I’ve transitioned to a salt-free lifestyle pretty gracefully.
TyronMc Ewensville, PA

Excellent spice.

This is an excellent salt-free spice. It has a really nice blend of flavors that go well with just about any dish. We used to use Mrs. Dash in a lot of our cooking, but while I like Mrs. Dash, it relied too much on pepper. I found Frontier Seasoning Blends Salt Free All-purpose Seasoning, 1.28 Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6) and it is our primary all-purpose spice now. In fact, we’ve come to love it so much, we order it in bulk. I’ve also given this spice to several other people, and they have all loved it too.

The spices in it are Onion, Parsley, Lemon, Basil, Thyme, Garlic, Celery, Red Bell Pepper, And Citric Acid. The spices are well-blended so that no one flavor dominates over the others. I also like this spice because it contains no oregano which I am allergic too. I highly recommend this to anyone who does a lot of cooking.

DaniSublimity, OR