Frontier Soups Hearty Meals Minnesota Heartland Eleven Bean Soup, 18-Ounce Bags

Frontier Soups’ Hearty Meal dried soup mixes are all natural and contain no added salt, MSG or preservatives. The home cook simply adds fresh or pantry ingredients to perfectly spiced, pre-measured dry ingredients for gourmet results. Minnesota Heartland 11 Bean Soup is a stick-to-the ribs meal and the original Frontier Soup, introduced in 1986. A long simmering soup, but worth the wait! Add kielbasa sausage and feed a crowd! Gluten-free. Makes 10-12 12oz. servings. Comments or questions please contact Frontier Soups at 800-253-0550

Quick facts

  • Nutrition: All natural ingredients No added salt No MSG No preservatives No trans-fats
  • Convenience: Easy-to prepare All seasonings included
  • Low cost per serving make economical family meals with thirty eight varieties to appeal to everyone’s taste
  • Great taste: Premium packaged ingredients make homemade tasting soup Easy to follow directions Recipe variations included
  • Gluten Free

Top reviews

Awesome Soup!

This soup mix is my absolute favorite, and I have tried many. I always use the smoked ham hock, but sometimes I don’t add either the chicken or the Polish sausage and it still is wonderful. I highly recommend this soup mix.
EdythMount Alto, WV

Wonderful soup

We received this soup as a gift. It is a hearty soup with great flavors and texture. I used the smoked ham hock and chicken but did not use the sausage. Otherwise, I followed the package directions. It’s the best multi-bean soup I’ve tried and it’s so easy!
YevetteWater Mill, NY

Yum Yum!

So simple and so yummy! Used boneless skinless chicken thighs instead of breast and added Jane’s Mixed Up Salt that just added the Bang to it! Highly recommended!
JameeGouldsboro, PA

Substantial and Delicious

Love it! Hearty soup with wonderful flavor…and yes, the beans did break down to a thick “soupy” consistency after 5 hours of simmering. Adding this to my staples list.
LaylaAuburndale, WI

Favorite Soup Variety

Don’t really know what happened with the previous reviewer, but this 11-Bean soup is my all-time favorite Frontier Soup Mix. It’s one of my favorite soups period! The flavoring is layered and complex, and the soup is thick, hearty, smokey and wonderful. I haven’t yet tried cooking it in a slow cooker, but the Frontier Soups web site offers a slow cooker adaptation. I’ve never had the problem of beans falling apart, but long, slow cooking might help prevent this.
MarinaWoodburn, IN

just not good

I have made this soup twice on a gas stove, and both times it has turned out awful. Even at the lowest flame that leads to a simmer, the beans overcook and dissolve, as do the vegetables. I am very unsatisfied with this product, and would not recommend it. I’m not an amateur cook and have never had issues with other soups made by this brand, so I am very disappointed. I had to add canned beans and rice to give it enough substance.
TanyaPorter, ME