Frontier Soups Homemade In Minutes South Of The Border Tortilla Soup, 4.5-Ounce Bags

Homemade In Minutes all natural soup mixes from Frontier Soups offers convenience along with nutrition. Each mix contains no added salt, preservatives or MSG and is ready to serve in about 30 minutes! The home cook simply adds fresh or pantry items to perfectly spiced pre-measured dry ingredients for gourmet results. South of the Border Tortilla Soup is our top seller. Add chicken, salsa and chips for this Mexican specialty. Gluten-free. Makes 4-5 12oz. servings.Comments or questions please contact Frontier Soups at 800-253-0550

Quick facts

  • Nutrition: All natural ingredients No added salt No MSG No preservatives No trans-fats
  • Convenience: Easy-to prepare All seasonings included
  • Low cost per serving make economical family meals with thirty eight varieties to appeal to everyone’s taste
  • Great taste: Premium packaged ingredients make homemade tasting soup Easy to follow directions Recipe variations included
  • Gluten Free

Top reviews

Frontier Tortilla Soup

I ordered this tortilla soup and haven’t tried it yet. It sounds so simple to make and it looks so good. Can’t wait to try it.
JoselynStockbridge, VT

Frontier Soup, Soup Tortilla South Of Brdr, 4.5-Ounce package

Frontier Soup, Soup Tortilla South Of Brdr, 4.5-Ounce
This folk’s is one of the best soup’s I’ve ever tasted !!!!
I just can’t get enough of this stuff, Be a great friend and give this for a gift that you will always be remembered for.
We always have this stocked and ready for when the mood hits.
Buy great product with confidence.
RagenRat :0)
MinhCleveland, TN

Very tasty!

Quite a tasty soup. I added chicken, and it make a thick, hearty soup. Topped with the Corazonas tortilla chips and a little sour cream, it was a nice meal on a cold afternoon.
TanaPortland, MO


This soup is DELICIOUS! I have tried “bagged/boxed” soups and they usually aren’t very good.
Plus they usually have maltodextrin and yeast or other things in them I want to avoid.
This soup is VERY simple, tasty and healthy. The ingredients are:dehydrated black beans, corn, red and green peppers, onions, garlic, epazote, and chili spices. It seems that they got the balance of spices and veggies just right. I find that difficult to do on my own. Also since it packaged up nicely you don’t have to go “scavenging” in your spice cabinet for all the spices. I use my own chicken broth I make after roasting a chicken and it’s a very healthy meal. (There is no added salt so if you are restricting salt you decide how much to add and what type of salsa you use.)So hurry up Amazon and get this in! :0)
CarmonMc Kinney, TX

Delicious and simple!

I don’t usually write reviews because I purchase items that already have at least dozens of rave reviews. I can’t believe this soup only has one! I made a chicken tortilla soup on my own that was just a little bit better than this. But it took a lot of time to shop for and cook with all those ingredients and the cost was much higher.

This soup tastes great and all you need to have is 6 cups of broth, pre-cooked chicken breast and some tortilla chips to throw on top. (FYI- I’m glad it’s not hot/spicy. Throw in chili powder if you’re into that.) These are really healthy, tasty ingredients. I ran into this in a nice local market and it was $7 or $8! I figured it was worth a try because making it on my own takes so long. I’m really glad I checked Amazon and can get two soups for that price.

I need to try other flavors now…

WesleyBurbank, OH

Tastey and Easy

This soup I tried at a fair and have been addicted ever since. I like that you have the flexability to chose the spiciness with the salsa that you add. We have made some additions where we add avacados and queso fresco. I saw that amazon now carries it and I can get it cheaper than from the actual company big win.
BenedictCaledonia, WI

Scrumptous and Easy!

I’m a tortilla soup nut anyway but have never attempted it on my own. I just search it out on menus at Mexican restaurants. This soup mix is not only quick and easy but it is downright delicious! It rivals the soup I find at the Mexican restaurants for twice the price. If you’re on the fence, try it – you will not be disappointed and as another reviewer said, it makes a great gift. I wish someone had gifted it to me years ago! Serving suggestion: alongside a frozen Margarita. Cheers!
KimberWallisville, TX

What a treat!

Finding anything that is gluten free that the whole family can enjoy is reason enough to rejoice. Soups have been a let down in the past because usually you want something just as quick as it is tasty. This soup fit the bill perfectly for quick and delicious AND gluten free! SO tasty my husband and I both had seconds and quick enough to make a difference to the usual lengthy cooking time for us back to basics gals. I will definitely be reordering and have put out the good word to all my gluten free soul sisters.
You won’t be disappointed..
CarsonEast Falmouth, MA

Easy & delicious

My husband & I LOVED this soup. The vegetables tasted fresh after cooking & the seasonings were just right. It’s not easy to find no salt added mixes & the Frontier line is one of the best. I also used no salt tomatoes & put crumbled whole grain baked Tostitos tortilla chips in the bowl. Topped with a little shredded sharp cheddar cheese. Delicious & healthy.
TeresitaClint, TX

Absolutely delicious!

Bought this on a whim and it is AMAZING! i substituted chicken soup for chicken stock because I didn’t have any and used Frontera salsa (green) because I love Rick Bayless. AMAZING!
HellenBirchwood, TN

More Please!

This soup is better than any I’ve ever made from scratch, and is incredibly economical. I used left over rotisserie chicken, added a can of black beans, a can of white shoe peg corn, and a package of frozen cream style corn to the soup to make it more robust and topped my bowl off with shredded cheddar and a small dab of sour cream. YUMMMM! I’m back for more and to try other products by Frontier.
ReikoAlviso, CA

Frontier Tortilla Soup

My family loves this soup. I bought a bag at a local apple orchard and we loved it so I ordered a box of it from Amazon. We serve with tortilla chips, sour cream and cheese. My favorite this is it is all natural so there are no junk in there! We have several allergies in our home and it is great to find a product we can all eat and tastes so good!
StarAnnemanie, AL

Delicious Soup

Great soup!!! I put in the recommended amount of chicken broth but eliminated the cup of water because I don’t like my soup to be watery. I sprinkled some shredded Mexican style cheese on top and then put the tortilla chips on top of the cheese (the directions tell you to put the tortillas in the bottom of the bowl, but this would cause the chips to be too soggy). I garnished the soup with chopped tomato and green onions. It was delicious!!!
BambiWilmot, OH

I’ll be ordering more

This was my first order of Frontier soup mix and I am very impressed! It is very flavorful and easy to make. I’m a vegetarian, so I made it without chicken and it is delicious! I’ll be ordering more Tortilla Soup and trying their other mixes.
HaroldLexington, NY

Great Taste & Easy to make

I added some chicken to this soup along with a cut up avacado. It was excellent! And very easy to make.
GiselaRedfox, KY

Best packaged soup ever!

We first came across this soup at a winery around Pismo Beach, CA. We purchased one and several weeks later went back and purchased more. I gave some to my daughter because this is a gluton free product as my grandson has Celiac’s. I am now ordering online. The whole family is hooked! Try it….. you’ll love it!
AntonioSainte Genevieve, MO