Frontier Vanilla Flavor

All natural. Alcohol-free. This Fair Trade Certified, extra-rich and creamy vanilla flavor is the products of premium vanilla beans grown in southern India by small farmers who are committed to sustainable, bio-dynamic agriculture.

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Non Alcoholic..

This stuff is great if you’re looking for a non-alcoholic vanilla extract…yes this is really a vanilla extract not just a flavor like the essence stuff. I read somewhere on the net that the only reason they can’t call it an extract is because it wasn’t extracted by alcohol so legally they have to call it a flavor.
The smell and color are gorgeous plus its fair trade certified, the texture is a little bit like honey, I think it’s the glycerin.

Going to buy again for sure.

DwayneChagrin Falls, OH


Not paying attention, I thought this product was simply vanilla extract when I purchased it, tried it in my coffee, and got a shock. Yummy! I had to go examine the bottle, and realized my yummy mistake. I wonder what glycerin is, what it’s made of…? is it a fat?
At any rate, it is delicious!
OllieBreezewood, PA


I like the fact that this vanilla flavor has no alcohol in it so i could add it to my baby’s pancakes. It does not taste the same to me as the regular stuff. It is rather bland in my opinion.
RebeckaSpirit Lake, IA

Tastes Great

I prefer the taste of this over the alcohol-based vanilla extracts, particularly in uncooked items and beverages. It has a fairly thick/syrupy consistency.
AlbinaRocksprings, TX