Fruit Stripe Gum, 5 Juicy Flavors, 17-Count Packs

Artificially flavored gum – Wet ‘n Wild Melon, Cherry, Lemon, Orange, Peach Smash. Yipes in action tatoos. Tatoos inside! Product of Mexico.

Quick facts

  • Fruit Stripes Gum, 5 Juicy Flavors
  • 12 packs of 14 pieces of gum
  • Tattoos inside, collect all 10

Top reviews

Not Very Good

The wrapping on this gum is very frustrating and hard to get a piece of gum out.
When you finally get it out, the flavor does not last at all.
BobbiKeystone Heights, FL

Only Gum Without Aspartame

Its the only gum I buy for my kids. They love it. I avoid aspartame sweetened gum like poison, Its the only gum on the store shelf that has real sugar.
MarisolMaljamar, NM

Fruit Stripe Delight

How many times a day do you get to feel like a kid? Almost never. I get a mouth full of Fruit Stripe gum and it’s like I am sitting back in 5th grade. I love it.
AlanaLitchfield, OH