Function Drinks Function Alternative Energy Strawberry Guava, 16.9-Ounce Bottles

Function: Alternative Energy Strawberry Guava: Provides all-natural time-release, long-lasting energy for 6-8 hours without the jitters or the crash associated with other Energy Drinks.

Quick facts

  • 100% Natural, preservative free, noncarbonated
  • Created by Physicians
  • Proven ingredients and formulations based on clinical science
  • Active Ingredients: Muira Pauma, Epimedium, Guarana, Yerba Mate, Catuaba

Top reviews

love the stuff

i love that it has no added chemicals or weird stuff that i cannot identify. The taste is fruity and not to sweet. Very pleasant. You definitely feel a lift after you drink it but not crazy wired. Cheaper in stores though. I will probably buy it at the grocery store not amazon…
LynettaCarrboro, NC

This is about $1.39 a bottle at Whole Foods

DAMN! $42 DOLLARS FOR 12 HELL NO! way cheaper in stores. Great drink however if you don’t like the taste of those toxic tasting energy and sports drinks, If you love red bull Gatorade and monsters then this might not be the drink for you. Function drinks are by far a healthier choice if you are going that route. That price though is CRAZZZZZYYYYY! -_______-
JoyaWhitmore Lake, MI

Created by but not tasted by doctors

I like rockstar or gatoraide for a better choice. Picked some up and can’t really force it down. Take a pass on this.
SusanneStratton, OH