FungusAmongUs Black Truffle Butter, 2.82-Ounce Jars

Italian Black Truffle Butter – Truffles have a distinctive, delicious flavor. When creating a dish, sometimes a cook does not need as many as planned. These “leftovers” are best preserved in butter. We have created a method of retaining the aroma and flavor of the truffle while making it convenient to use…from hors d’oeuvres to dessert! Spread on buttered toast and top with Parmesan cheese. Make a sauce for pasta or fish by mixing a teaspoon with Parmesan cheese and olive oil.

Quick facts

  • Truffle Butter
  • Gourmet
  • All Natural

Top reviews

Grease with truffle odor

I love truffles, truffle salt, truffle butter… i knew what i wanted when i ordered this. I recommend the white truffle butter igourmet carries, you can get that on amazon. This product doesn’t really deserve the name. It smells like truffles. That’s about it. I get no flavor at all, truffle, butter, or otherwise. the butter quality is very poor, i’d compare it more to margarine. really greasy and oily. you can see black flecks of truffle (or something), just no truffle flavor. i won’t be ordering this again. the quest for truffle butter that isn’t a 90 minute drive away or $20 shipping continues.
WayneAlbion, IA

Beautiful flavor!

I was skeptical about purchasing the black truffle butter at first because I could not find many reviews. I used the butter on my Thanksgiving turkey, and the result was nothing short of perfection! My turkey was moist and flavorful – simply delicious. I also used this on a whole chicken with similar results. If you like the taste of truffles/mushrooms in your food, then this product is for you. The black truffle butter is my new pantry staple.
MicahAssaria, KS

Cheap and not too bad

I understand what the reviewer was concerned about. The aroma of the truffles definitely comes through. I used them on some pasta, pizza, and a couple of soups. It’s decent, especially for the price tag.

However, like the other reviewer said, the butter itself is not actually butter. It’s under the category of margarine I think. It didn’t bother me, because the way I was using it guess.

BrandyWinter Garden, FL


This black truffle butter is perfection added to pasta with asparagus and a touch of parmesean. I also use it atop bagels for a sinfully delicious breakfast.
MerrillAvery Island, LA