Funky Monkey Snacks Pink Pineapple, 0.42-Ounce Bags

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a natural snack that had the great taste and health benefits of fresh fruit, but the crunch and portability of everyday snacks? Now there is! Discover Funky Monkey Snacks – fruit that crunches! Funky Monkey freeze-dries slices and pieces of tropical fruits using a proprietary process to lock in the taste, smell, and nutrients of freshly-picked fruit while adding a fun and satisfying crunch. And every bag of Funky Monkey contains 1 serving of fruit! With nothing added – no added colors, flavors, preservatives, or sugars, Funky Monkey is 100% natural and 100% delicious, as well as gluten-free and certified Kosher. Discover Funky Monkey Snacks – tasty, crunchy, and convenient all-natural snacks with the wholesome goodness of fresh fruit.

Quick facts

  • Case of twelve 0.42 ounce packages (total 5.04 ounces)
  • All-natural, freeze-dried fruit that crunches
  • Freeze-dried organic pineapple and guava
  • A unique process to lock in the taste, smell, and nutrients of freshly-picked fruit
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • 100% natural and 100% delicious

Top reviews

Not what I expected

I ordered this hoping to get a satisfying fruit snack that was both healthy and delicious. It was a little disappointing. Each packet–though supposedly a serving size of fruit–is in actuality only about one ring of dried pineapple, if that, broken into pieces. I could’ve done without the added supposed guava flavor–it didn’t do anything for the snack. The dehydrated pineapple pieces are basically only flavored by what seems like a dusting of the flavoring fruit–so there’s some alteration on the pineapple flavor, but is neither here nor there.
It is sweet (almost too sweet) and without added sugars may indeed satisfy some people’s (very small…)sweet tooth. Personally, I’d go with bigger size servings–not to mention that it is a waste of resources and energy for packing 5-6 pieces of dried pineapple in each–the rest is air… It is edible, but more much beyond that.
I will stick with dried pineapple, non-sweetened, and unsulfured, from the healthfood store.
GrahamMaryland Heights, MO


I bought these to pack in my pre-school daughter’s lunch to try to add some variety to her gluten-free diet. She tried one bite of the Pink Pineapple flavor and refused to eat any more. I’ve tried mixing the pineapple bits in with other types of fruit for her, but she still picks these out and leaves them. The texture of the pineapple has more of a crunch than other types of freeze-dried fruit we’ve tried. I like them myself, but I think the crunch is what makes my daughter stay away.
GillianIngalls, KS

I guess not for everyone, but boy are they good

This is by far my favorite flavor of Funky Monkey fruit snacks. Here’s the rundown–you’ll like these if you’re into the following traits:

: they’re *crunchy*, because they’re freeze-dried and not traditionally dried with sugar and/or sulphur. This is why the label says “fruit that crunches”

: they’re subtle! I’m perplexed by reviews calling them “too sweet,” as there’s absolutely nothing in there aside from freeze-dried pineapple sprinkled with powdered freeze-dried guava. The pineapple flavor shines through, but you get more of the guava flavor toward the finish. If you like pineapple and like guava, you should be good.

: they’re a snack, not a meal. 45 calories and 1 serving of fruit pretty much says it here. There’s not a lot in there, but if you want portion control and/or just enough to satisfy a nagging sweet tooth, these are perfect.

: they’re very friendly to special dietary needs. Vegan, kosher/parve, raw, gluten-free, and free of peanut/tree nut allergens. This is a huge selling point for some folks, and an easy way to please my celiac friends.

: they’re addictive. I have these on a subscription, because it’s far cheaper than buying them at the local health store individually.

If I had to list cons, I’d list these:

: as noted, I sometimes get a twinge of guilt at the packaging waste. As far as I can tell, the packaging isn’t recyclable (though it *is* minimal).

: I’d love the guava flavor to be a touch more prominent, but I also love them as-is.

SuziAurora, IN

Tastes like Pink Grapefruit

I read the reviews that said this was sweet or too sweet.. I thought, this is for me, I love SWEET! It tastes like grapefruit not pineapple. It’s a little tart(sour) and left a taste in my mouth something like you would get from lemons.. I wouldn’t order this again. Next time I’ll order apple as this only has 45 calories and a little package was filling. Yes, I did finish it so it wasn’t that bad but it certainly wasn’t sugary tasting..
StefaniaCoupon, PA

Really tasty 🙂

These are great ! They are crunchy like chips with a great tropical flavor. I will be anxious for subscription deliveries to arrive 🙂 Highly recommend to anybody who likes pineapple and tropical flavors. Also perfect size for diabetic snacks 🙂
RomaineNewport, PA

Crunchy & very sweet

These are very crunchy & super sweet, which is why I think my 5yr old daughter loves them. We tried one pack of the pineapple flavor & she is hooked! It has no added sugars, preservatives or anything… only ingredients is fruit!

I find them too sweet for my taste, but like I said, my daughter gobbles them down. With it being pure fruit I am happy!

Plus these are Hungry Girl approved!!!

AlfonsoSod, WV

GREAT snack

I have always been a big fan of Funky Monkey Snacks, but this new flavor is OUTSTANDING! This product is not only good for you, but has a taste that is fantastic.
MabelleAndes, NY