Funley’s Delicious All Natural Super Crackers-Ranch n’ Stuff

Funley’s delicious brings you…all natural super crackers. The original superfood crackers. That’s right…superfood veggies baked right in, and stamped with the loveable funley’s characters millie, moe and their dog part of our fit and funley’s healthy family movement, these 100% natural crackers are available in 4 unique varieties: cheddar n’ stuff (hidden broccoli), pizza n’ stuff (hidden carrot), ranch n’ stuff (hidden spinach), and cornbread n’ stuff (hidden sweet potato). Our ranch n’ stuff variety is made with real sour cream, and seasonings for a delicious ranch taste, and has spinach baked right in but you’d never know it! Each ranch n’ stuff snack pack has 90 calories.super crackers are not only fun and delicious, but they are a better-for-you natural option made with quality ingredients and contain a good source of vitamin d, calcium, and iron in each serving. Better yet…they are sb-12 school compliant (california’s school government guidelines). Super crackers are perfect for the whole family, and are sold in 100 calorie or less (depending on flavor) snack packs great for on-the-go enjoyment and portion control, and contain no preservatives, no trans fats, no high fructose corn syrup, no genetically modified ingredients (gmo free), and no artificial anything!I’m a funley’s big mouth.visit the funley’s, and join the other funley’s big mouth fans.

Quick facts

  • Case of 6, 423 ounce boxes with 6-07 ounce calorie snack packs inside (36 snack packs or 2538 ounce total)
  • Superfood spinach inside; Good source of vitamin D, calcium and iron; 90 calorie packs great for on-the-go; SB-12 school compliant; Kosher
  • All natural; No trans fats; No preservatives; No high fructose corn syrup; No artificial anything
  • Made in USA; Internal snack packs labeled for resale

Top reviews

Wonderful Yummy Crackers

I actually buy these from my local grocery store for 48 cents for every little bag. They are super yummy. This is my favorite flavor but I also like the Ranch one. A great alternative for pretzels with my deli meat sandwich for lunch.
MartinGrandin, ND