Galaxy Granola Raspberry, 12-Ounce Pouch

70% less fat than the others because Galaxy Granola bakes its granola in apple sauce, not oil. Real red raspberry nuggets provide extra flavor

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 12-Ounce pouches
  • Fruit baked for natural sweetness
  • Made with organic whole grains
  • No nuts or added oil
  • Low fat content

Top reviews

Galaxy Granola Raspberry–Great taste, Very low fat

I have been unable to purchase this cereal anywhere else, so the price is little higher than I would like, but I really like the cereal since I am on an Ornish low fat diet. Where I live I can not buy this cereal in stores and can not order it thru health food stores.
InWiden, WV

Best Granola Ever

It tastes great in milk or dry. The fat to flavor ratio is unbeatable. Galaxy has a couple of different flavors, but this is by far my favorite. Almond Vanilla Munch is second, though it is my wife’s favorite. When I run low on the Raspberry sometimes I’ll cut it with her Vanilla Almond until I can get to the store.
GearldineDorton, KY