Galeos Miso, Drssng Lf Miso Sesame, 13 OZ

Galeos miso, dressing lf miso sesame, 13-ounce (12 pack) has a creamy texture, sweet/smoky flavor, a dash of honey and a fusion of sesame seeds, this dressing is a must for every pantry. Equally delicious with fruit, vegetables, meat, fish or poultry, it makes an outstanding marinade for roasted leg of lamb and an ideal ready-made dressing for coleslaw.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 13-ounce packs (total of 156-ounces)
  • A creamy texture and a sweet/smoky flavor
  • A dash of honey and a fusion of sesame seeds

Top reviews

It’s all BS

Class litigation should be illegal. Maybe there was a time and place, but these days it’s designed to just make lawyers richer. It has nothing to do with product safety. The people claiming to have had the dressing tested, by labs no less, did they mention if they used “FDA Approved labs or testing methods?” No, didn’t think so. This is a California bunch doing this, you know, the land of litigation. This is a prime reason why businesses and people are leaving the state in droves. This practice is dishonest and should be outlawed, but in a state owned and operated by liberals, well…good luck. Personally, I have to get out of here. I am too damned honest to be a Californian.
JohnathanSouthington, CT

Class Action Lawsuit pending for misleading information

Purchase with caution, this manufacturer has GROSSLY underestimated the calories, fat, and sodium in their dressing. The Galeos label claims 14 calories and 1 gram of fat per tablespoon serving. That’s where the problems start. The serving size required by federal law on dressing labels is 2 tablespoons, creating the illusion – even if those numbers were accurate – that the dressing outdoes other diet dressings.

The laboratory showed the label should properly read: 120 calories, 11 grams of fat and 390 mg of sodium. The actual label claims 56 grams of sodium. Federal food labeling laws give companies a 20% margin of error.

UPDATE (Nov.22): Here are the actual laboratory results before being broken down by serving size for Galeo’s World’s Best Miso Caesar:

* Carbohydrates, g/100g – 7.8013
* Fat, g/100g – 38.32
* Moisture, g/100g – 46.39
* Protein, g/100g – 4.1387
* Saturated Fat, g/100g – 6.0
* Calories, g/100 g – 392.64
* Total Sugars, g/100g – 7.35
* Sodium, mg/100g – 1306

MauriceHenderson, WV

Settlement, still worth buying

There is legal info on their website about the lawsuit. From their side the calories were pretty close to their claim and the fat content was almost right on, but they didn’t use the legal serving size. They’ve corrected the label and have to do periodic testing as part of the settlement. The correction isn’t that far from what they originally claimed, but some users of the dressings claim the taste is different, worse, and they must have changed their recipe to make the calories/fat match the labels. My own experience is that this is still a low-cal dressing and I still really like the taste. I couldn’t really tell a taste difference unless I had an old bottle to compare side-by-side, assuming it is actually different. The plus for us is that we now know the label is correct, maybe even more reliably so than most other dressings. So try it and like it, or don’t. I do still suggest not buying by the case, it just doesn’t last long enough. Also watch expiration dates in store carefully, lots of stores not good about rotating and this still isn’t a big seller so it’s more likely to sit longer. I’m buying it though. Bottom line is still taste and calories, which is great on both counts.
CathieLa Fayette, IL

Best dressing ever!

I have purchased this by the gallon from the makers as I couldn’t find it locally. Love, love, love this dressing. So happy I found it here. You must try it. Low fat, low cal, great rich taste. It doesn’t taste like your typical low cal dressing. I won’t use anything else.
DannySheep Springs, NM

Tastes Great, Low Fat, Low Carb — NOT

This is my girlfriend’s favorite salad dressing. She has actually purchased it by the gallon from the manufacturer. Low fat, low carb and tastes great. So how come it’s not available (1/2010)?

3/2011 Update — See above review for info on Class Action Lawsuit for misleading labeling. The suit is not settled, but we had a feeling the contents were too good to be true. Still one of the best tasting dressings though.

MarlenCrockett, TX