Galil Tea, Anise, 20-Count Boxes

Offered in a medley of flavors, Galil Herbal Teas are made from a unique mixture of herbs, fruits, and flowers to provide you with a low calorie infusion. Galil Herbal Teas are rich in antioxidants and can be enjoyed anytime. Naturally Caffeine Free and Certified Kosher.

Quick facts

  • Pack of Six, 20-Count Boxes (Total 120 tea bags)
  • All Natural and Caffeine Free Anise Tea
  • Each Tea Bag is Individually Foil Wrapped to Ensure Freshness
  • Perfect as a Gift!; Certified Kosher
  • Product of Turkey

Top reviews

Galil Tea

I honestly did not like so much the taste. But who ever like Anise will enjoy it!
YuetteLouisiana, MO

Pass on this

We love good tea and coffee. This product was nasty. I used four to five bags in each cup and still counldn’t get a strong enough taste. I am used to drinking anise tea. This is not worht the price. Pass on it.
HermilaNorth Fork, ID

calming herbs

I love Anise, a soothing brew I use it in all of my teas, mixed with other calming herbs it is a good bedtime tea
TyGirard, GA

Tastes Just Like Anise

This tea does have a subtle taste, but that’s cause anise has a subtle taste. I prefer it as sort of a milder version of Fennel tea.
EllieShoup, ID