Galil Turkish Delight, Rose, 16-Ounce Boxes

Galil Turkish Delight is a delicious traditional confection enjoyed around the world. Soft and chewy, each piece is dusted with confectioners sugar to prevent sticking. No preservatives or additives. Certified Kosher and Dairy Free.

Quick facts

  • Pack of Four, 16-Ounce Boxes (Total 64 oz)
  • Delicious Galil Rose Turkish Delight
  • Perfect Complement to Tea or Coffee!; Preservative and Additive Free
  • Perfect as a Gift!; Certified Kosher; Dairy Free
  • Product of Turkey

Top reviews

Not fresh from the shop, but not bad, either

I adore Turkish Delight. Actually, I adore GOOD Turkish Delight, but it’s not available on every street corner in Boston. A local specialty food store carries it, but it is coated in third or fourth rate chocolate, and has more in common with a Jello Jiggler than this delicate confectionary. Like many Americans, I got my only introduction to Turkish Delight while reading the “Chronicles of Narnia” as a child, and discovered this sweet treat only as an adult. My favorite Turkish Delight is perfumed with roses, as is this treat, which tastes incredible when taking a sharp inhale while eating. (do this carefully, whilst no one is watching)

In Germany, I get my Turkish Delight fix is run by Turkish people (duh), who make this traditional treat on a daily basis, and it is good enough to believe that Edmund betrayed Aslan and a kingdom for just another taste. There, the shopkeeper there serves the treat fresh, rolling it in pistachio meats before gift wrapping the box and handing it to me. This stuff is rather like a dream of that Turkish Delight: it has some of the character of what I want, and is rather pleasant, but there’s no way it’s the real deal. Ironically, this item is made in Turkey and one would expect that it is produced by Turks, which makes it more of a real deal than the Turkish Delight I could use as a reason to fly to Europe. If you are willing to try this because your memories are pushing you to do so, give it a whirl: it is a very nice splurge at a very reasonable price, If you have never tasted Real Turkish Delight and what to know what the Narnians were fussing about, remember that this is merely a pale shadow of what this dessert could be.

One note: this candy comes packed in confectioner’s sugar, to keep the jellied cubes from croaking in transit. It is a huge amount of sugar, much more than my New England sensibilities could bear to throw out. I saved the sugar, which gave a lovely rose taste to my tea,

LuciaStaunton, VA

bad buy

I wish people writing about a product would talk about the product alone Instead of writing down a their life story.
People are talking about their lives Instead of writing about the product they bought.
Now, If you want to buy and eat a truly authentic candy like this, this Is not the one.
I was very let down when I ate one. What’s worst Is that I bought a multi pack.
The taste of this candy Is really good, that’s what the stars are for alone.
Past that, texture Is nowhere near what It should be.
This Is very rubbery and that Is NOT what this candy feels like when you chew It.
So If your looking for authentic candy like this, try another brand because this one Is not authentic. Good hunting!!!
MackPost Falls, ID

Turkish not as delightful…lol

OK, but not as good as I remember from my childhood, Im 60 years old. It used to come in a box of assorted chocolates at Christmas time.
KeishaGarden Valley, ID