Garden of Eatin’ Organic Blue Tortilla Chips — 9 oz

Made with Organic Blue Corn. This is the concept that has become such a popular snack. The Original Blue Corn Tortilla Chips. Yes, they’re actually blue in color because many years ago our founder Al Jacobson bought an entire crop of blue corn (an ancient tradition of the Hopi and Zuni tribes people who really know their corn) and thought it would make a great tortilla chip. We’re proud of the taste and crunchiness of our Blues. But most of all, at Garden of Eatin’ we’re proud of our tradition of creating the finest in all natural snack foods.We use only the highest quality organic ingredients. And each batch of chips is made to order. That’s what makes Garden of Eatin” snacks so tasty.Garden of Eatin’s commitment to selling products made with organic ingredients means understanding that all the decisions we make have consequences — all the way down to the individual farmers we buy from. We are mindful of the soil, the water, biodiversity, and even worker health.

Quick facts

  • 8.1 Ounces
  • Serving Size:

Top reviews

A Consistently Good Classic

I have enjoyed this company’s chips since they first came out. Over time, I have found all of their chips to be consistently great. I haven’t had these “Blue Chips” in quite a while – several years – so I wasn’t sure what to expect upon ordering them again. (So many companies will eventually lower product quality over time to cut costs and increase profits.) No worries there; these are still just exactly as always – great, fresh, crisp, satisfying and healthy chips.

I’ve had these chips in both the salted and unsalted varieties, and both are good. They also make some with different flavors; one of my favorites has sesame seeds added. They make other types of corn chips too, such as yellow corn chips (I particularly like the small round shaped ones).

I purchased these via from the company VitaCost. They did an A+ job of rapidly shipping and extremely careful packaging – the best packaging I’ve seen in any product I’ve ordered off Amazon, actually. The chips arrived in perfect condition (well, all bags of chips will have a few broken pieces at the bottom, but these weren’t any more broken than ones you get at the local grocery store). I got a great deal at VitaCost too, they were cheaper than they would be locally, AND I got free shipping for meeting a reasonable low minimum order price (especially considering their careful packaging).

TovaDupont, OH

Perfect with Dips

The Garden of Eatin’ Blue Corn Chips are perfect if you like eating them with dips. They hold up under the weight of a bean dip I make with Westbrae Natural Vegetarian Organic Black Beans. They are also delicious just by themselves as they are made with sea salt. The ingredients include: organic blue corn, expeller pressed canola oil and/or safflower oil and/or sunflower oil and sea salt. There are no genetically modified ingredients, no artificial colors and they are gluten free.

~The Rebecca Review

DeliciaNorway, ME