Garden Time Organic Semolina Elbows, 12-Ounce Units

Handcrafted pasta. USDA organic. Our goal at garden time is to make the best pasta, period. You can only do that by starting with great wheat. We source our organic semolina from the Eastern slopes of The Rocky Mountains in Montana’s Teton county, known the world over as, the golden triangle. The golden triangle region is located hundreds of miles from any major city so our wheat is not exposed to urban chemicals and pollutants, only natural spring water and the crisp, clean air of Montana. Garden time is more durable than any other pasta due it its high gluten strength. As a result, it holds its shape, is less sticky and cooks to al dente texture every time. At garden time, we combine the finest American organic semolina, with 3 generations of old world Italian craftsmanship to make the best organic pasta in the world. We think you’ll like it a lot. We donate 10 percent of our profits to groups that support environmental preservation, sustainable agricultural practices, hunger prevention and community based health initiatives.

Quick facts

  • Case of 12 12-ounce bags (total of 144 ounces)
  • Hand-crafted pasta in classic elbow shape
  • Made of organic durum wheat from Montana; certified kosher
  • High-gluten semolina flour ensures pasta holds its shape
  • Versatile shape ideal for soups, pasta salads, and mac ‘n cheese

Top reviews

Garden Time Organic Semolina Elbows, 12-Ounce Units (Pack of 12)

Not the best macaroni out there but it’s extremely difficult to find organic elbow macaroni (non whole grain) and the only place I could find was on Amazon. Whole Foods used to carry an excellent organic elbow macaroni but stopped a while back. This is a relatively expensive pasta given it only has 12 oz (instead of 16 oz) in each pack.
GlennEliot, ME

A great pasta

I have been searching for AGES for an organic semolina elbow pasta so was thrilled when my search finally yielded this option! The pasta is small and dense, so it cooks up firm not mushy. The wheat is grown in MT, and the product is made in the US. The product definately met my expectations. Now, all I need if for Amazon to keep it in stock!!
RoxyHickam Afb, HI