Garlic Valley Farms “Cold Pressed” Garlic Juice Spray or Pour – 8 oz.

Cold pressed garlic juice squeezed from farm fresh garlic. Great for salads, garlic bread, pasta, sauces, veggies, seafood, meat, grilling, garlic potatoes and marinating. For richest flavor, use towards end of cooking. Ingredients: Garlic juice, sea salt, distilled vinegar, citric acid, garlic flavor.

Quick facts

  • Garlic flavor is in the juice – not the clove – All Natural
  • Fresh squeezed garlic – over 150 cloves
  • Over 1,000 sprays in the bottle – Gluten Free
  • Convenient way to always have garlic – Vegan

Top reviews

Amazon – Garlic Valley Farms Garlic Juice Spray

I use the garlic spray instead of flea & tick chemicals. It is working great and the dogs love it. I actually like the smell of the garlic on their food and use it in my cooking too.
HungClinton, ME

Great Garlic Spray

I bought this spray for my dogs. I spray it on their food. They love it and hopefully it will keep the fleas away. It smells so good, I think I’ll put some on some bread for myself.
JeanneDulac, LA

Brilliant Product – LOVE this garlic spray

I found this spray in a gourmet food store and thought it would be fun to try (I hate having garlic smelling fingers after cooking). To my surprise I have used it almost every day since then and I LOVE it! It is so much better than crushed garlic in a jar and it doesn’t have a chance to whither up and dry out like fresh cloves. And NO garlic fingers! Five sprays equals a zesty and robust garlic infusion to any dish. For example, I use it in garlic mashed potatoes, in pureed bean dip, and in sauteed spinach and many more dishes.
And a bottle lasts forever… I still have half a bottle left after more than a year! I’m so glad to see it on Amazon – I know I can find it again when I need to.
Yum, yum, yum, genius product.
Oh, and it does come with a cap (not sure why that reviewer didn’t get a cap).
EmilyMelcroft, PA

Garlic Juice

I bought this product for a special recepie, because it would have taken too many garlic heads to make the amount of juice I needed. It work great, thanks
ErrolDaly City, CA

Garlic Juice

this garlic juice is fantastic, I cook with it, spray it on salad, put it in my marinade…I highly recommend it for anyone who loves garlic
IoneCascade, VA

Garlic juice spray

I love this! Use it on salad, to cook with, to add a little zest to almost anything. It is so convenient to use, that I keep my bottle on the countertop right next to the stove. I would recommend this product.
MarielaFort Monroe, VA

Garlic always

This product is just fantastic for anyone who loves garlic. It enhances a salad dressing, and I spray it on chicken, beef, fish and into soups. It is easy to add garlic this way to any recipe!
EvonneAfton, WI

gotta love garlic

this product tastes real good if used in small amounts. i put it on salads, potatoes, spaghetti etc. i also spray a small amount on my dogs food. hoping it will help with fleas and worms. i just wish it had a plastic cap for the spray. it tends to draw into some food in refrigerator. i also dislike the odor, it doesn’t smell like fresh garlic. overall I’m satisfied with the product. If you love garlic, you should love this.
RickyBrentwood, MD