Garvey’s Tea Cake Mix, 15-Ounce Boxes

This moist, easy-to-make tea cake provides excellent light refreshment, for any occasion. The tiny delicate Zante currants, included, add a traditional European touch. Serve it lemon, or vanilla glazed. We choose to use organic ingredients because we support sustainable, organic methods of growing food. We believe organic ingredients are superior ingredients and ultimately make better baking mixes.

Quick facts

  • Pack of four, 15-ounce boxes (total of 60 ounces)
  • Easily makes delicious tea cake
  • All natural, healthful ingredients
  • No trans fats or preservatives

Top reviews

Amazingly good

This was an amazing mix. I bought it because I’ve liked all the other Garvey’s products. I didn’t have lemons, so I made a glaze for this with organic powdered sugar and orange juice. The cake was gone in a matter of minutes. My family all loved it.

Like all the other Garvey’s products I have received this had a sell by date that is a long way away (2011, in this case. We’ll have eaten these mixes up in a few months- but since I have gotten expired stuff from Amazon, I like that this brand is (apparently) all very fresh. I took a picture of my cake for facebook to show all my friends- I wish I could show you how pretty this tea cake was when it was baked.

AlvaroRochester, KY

Great Tea Cake!

This mix is great! I never had Tea Cake before, and now I am hooked. Easy to make and the lemon glaze is Superb.
NicholCement, OK

Not as expected

Somehow, this cake mix didn’t work for me. Gave the remaining three boxes away. Won’t buy it again.
BevJenks, OK