Gatorade Frost Glacier Freeze Powdered Drink Mix Net Wt 3bs 2oz


Quick facts

  • 51 ounces
  • Gatorade Glacier Freeze powder
  • Makes 6 gallons

Top reviews

Love it but this is highway robbery

Just want to say, I love this form of gatorade. It’s very cost effective (if purchased locally) and tastes exactly like the premixed bottles of the same product. But I’m baffled as to why amazon is charging 300% of the normal price for this product?
HoneySaint Paul, AR

Good for on the go

My only wish is that this can could be bigger…it says that it makes up to 24 quarts but I like to use 1 1/2 cups to make it a little bit stronger using a Gatorade water bottle I bought from Amazon too. I’ve tried using my CamelBak water bottle with a bite valve, but if it isn’t washed out right away it will start to mold up a little on the inside of the bite valve like if I try to use it for night time drinking.
BethanyRichfield, NE

Grate product better than the original liquid one

well, this is a grate product and it has become beter then the original stuff it is esasy to carry with you and one scoop makes up to 1 lt. aprox
AndreeTioga, PA

Freeze Please !

Gatorade Frost Glacier Freeze is another great flavor. I LOVE this blue powered drink and it reminds me of the raspberry blue Kool-Aid years ago. Its 3 pounds of easy to mix ( hardly have to shake or stir this at all )which makes many gallons of Gatorade. Its very refreshing and a different twist on the flavor being a berry vs a citrus. Its much cheaper than soda pop and easy and fast to make for picinics and outdoor events for a large crowd.
12 fl ounces has 80 calories, 150 sodium, 45 mg potassium, total carbs 21 grams, sugars 21 grams,. Ingredients are : Sucrose, dextrose, citric acid, natural flavors, salt, sodium citrate, monopotassium phosphate, calcium silicate, modified food starch, coconut oil, brominated vegetable oil and blue # 1.

5 stars on this freeze pleasing drink mix. !

HaeBurbank, SD

Love Gatorade and the mixes save some $$

Great Flavor. The mixes are great. We rinse out gallon milk containers and make this a gallon at a time. Way better than seeing the kids drink Soda.
RoxanaRoscoe, IL

Great price!

Great price for powdered Gatorade. I guess the only drawback is you are stuck with one flavor for awhile. If you can get over that, this is totally worth it!
KeenaO Neals, CA