Gatorade Propel Zero Powder Sticks Kiwi Strawberry, 10-Count

Gatorade Propel Zero Powder Sticks Kiwi Strawberry, 10-Count (Pack of 6)

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  • Gatorade Propel Zero Powder Sticks Kiwi Strawberry, 10-Count (Pack of 6)

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so sad

you know after reading the only one review, I was thinking maybe it was just jamie, well this propel just pain out sucks compaired to the orginal one. you know company’s resaly dont care about there consumers anymore and it is sad. i have used there products since they come out. so much time to find another water do drink
JolineKilbourne, OH

If it ain’t broke….please don’t fix it!

Well, this is the biggest disappointment that I’ve had with a food product for quite some time. The original Propel Kiwi-Strawberry powder was, to me, the best tasting water additive on the planet! Finally, I was able to drink quarts of water without forcing myself to do so. The powder dissolved easily in my 16 ounce water bottle and the flavor was just sweet enough. I have a sweet tooth and this stuff was awesome! But some dumb focus group participants decided that ten calories per packet were just too many calories to allow in their diets each day. Ten bottles adds up to only 100 calories! Really? Did they only ask anorexics? The new version clumps in my water and has a bitter after taste. I have to add my own artificial sweetener to get it to taste like the old version. That’s way too much trouble for something that’s supposed to be easy. I even called Gatorade and begged them to bring back the other version along with the new but they said they wouldn’t do it. I am now looking for a replacement to Propel powder. Mio Berry Pomegranate is real close and you can add as much or as little as you like. I still mourn the passing of the original Propel powder but what can I do? Marketing people are idiots and always will be.
DainaNorth Windham, CT

Great taste

Tastes great and powder disolves with no problem. I no longer drink soda of any kind or caffeine. Just wish the powder was easier to find and more “green” – would be great if they sold it in tubs with a scoop.
WanUniontown, OH

I love it!!!

This drink mix is the reason I’m able to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. It’s delicious, and I would recommend it highly!
ArmidaWhite, GA


It has a weird sickly sweet aftertaste. Plus, it has EDTA in it, which is on the FDA’s toxicity watchlist
AdolphMilan, NH