Gefen Whole Chestnuts, Roasted & Peeled , 5.2-Ounces

Gefen Whole Chestnuts gefen roasted chestnut kosher

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  • roasted chestnut
  • kosher

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can’t be compared to fresh roasted chestnuts

I have never had packaged chestnuts before, but fresh ones are never sold where I live now and I decided to try this. It was horrible compared to the real thing. I can’t compare these to other brands of preserved chestnuts, but the flavor was strange and I was surprised to find the chestnuts dark brown and sticky. Then I found a chestnut covered in a green film of mold. Needless to say, I will not be purchasing these again.
LacyArtois, CA

Chestnuts any time of the year. Yea!!!

I am so happy to find that I can order these any time of the year…not only around holiday time. They are just the tiniest bit dry…but I am very pleased. The quality is consistent. I eat them right out of the bag. I have not used them for cooking, but I imagine that they adapt very well to any recipe. I LOVE them!!!! In fact, I am going to the kitchen right now to open a bag for my afternoon snack. They are very comforting. Don’t know what I would do without them!!!!!
BrunaCrabtree, PA

the best

I am so happy with this product. Not only is it well priced but the chestnuts are so good and good for you,
TatumNorth Blenheim, NY

Tasted hard and not fully roasted

I thought all were the same, how wrong I was. These are hard, taste uncooked fully and I won’t ever buy these again!!!!
LudieLemont, PA

This was a mistake!

Boy, was I disappointed! I didnt like the texture or the taste and couldnt eat them. I will not be ordering these again!
MignonSanta Rosa, CA

Not sure I want these

Admittedly, I have not tried these as yet since they only arrived yesterday. However, I was shocked to see that these are imports from China. Nowhere in the language or description of the product do I remember that being mentioned. There was Hebrew language indicating that it was Kosher. There was a company in New Jersey that distributed the product, but it is a product of China and comes from China. Just not sure that I want to use the product with that information in hand.
RisaTemple Hills, MD

Hits the spot….

Precooked versus freshly roasted chestnuts is a rhetorical discussion. There is no discussion. Fresh wins hands down every time, but….

If you missed the holiday rush (like me) to stock up on chestnuts, you are faced with a craving problem. After Christmas, finding fresh chestnuts is close to impossible. These chestnuts solved that problem for me. But, I want to be clear… these chestnuts do not have the consistency of freshly roasted chestnuts. To compare fresh versus prepackaged is like comparing apples and oranges. There is no debate. But, if the question is on quality of a prepackaged, cooked chestnut (compared to another prepacked chestnut), that is a valid debate to have.

If you are looking to kill a chestnut craving, these chestnuts may fill that spot for you. If you are craving the consistency of freshly roasted chestnuts, you are going to be sadly disappointed, as many of the reviews will attest. Just have realistic expectations about how a prepacked, precooked food will be.

I’ve tried a number of frozen and precooked chestnuts and these chestnuts are the only ones I find edible (so far)… In fact, I just ordered my 3rd and 4th package of the six pack. These chestnuts are great for snacking and relatively lower in calories than most other nuts. Yes, some chestnuts are dark brown and sticky but it doesn’t take away from the taste. I really recommend putting the chestnuts in the refrig though, the flavors seem to pop more. Of the different precooked brands, this one works best for me so far….but everyone’s tastes are different.

And, as a side note, the chestnuts get a thumbs up from my cats that usually do not eat human food. It’s a sad day when I have to go into another room to quietly open a bag of chestnuts. If the cats hear me rustling that bag, they come running. They LOVE to eat these chestnuts.

MarcusApplegate, CA

Mmmm, yummy little brains. Haha

These are so yummy! They look like little brains, which cracks my kids up too. These are a great low-fat, high protein snack that fills you up. If you’ve never had chestnuts before, you might want to buy just one bag to start. They’re the kind of thing that people either love or hate. I love them, but they have a unique texture that isn’t for everyone. But once you fall in love with them, this is a great inexpensive way to buy them, especially if you have Amazon Prime. Give them a try!! If you like them, that’s great because they’re so great for you, and if you don’t, share them with a friend who does. Either way, win-win!
DwightSaint Stephen, SC

Delicious in Stuffing

Added these to my stuffing and they were delicious! Sad they are not easily found all year round in local grocers.
EllyPipe Creek, TX


These are roasted and peeled chestnuts packaged so they can be easily used in recipes. Priced fairly, and available all year round.
GenePear Valley, TX

Gefen Chestnuts

Eliminate all the cooking, peeling and sorting of grocery store chestnuts. This product is packaged with perfect whole, cooked, peeled chestnuts ready to eat as a snack or recipe ready. The price is reasonable also.
SunniDrumright, OK

desperate for the holidays

purchased with Amazon Prime to make my stuffing and these
came and although small were a god send. The taste is really
no different than the large ones I am used to, they are just
about half the size so I had to purchase a boat load of these.
They did the trick just great and the price was very reasonable
vs. the larger unshelled ones I have purchased.
EmelyTurton, SD

Just what I needed & expected

Wanted to try some chestnut recipes for the holidays this year but didn’t want the hassle of preparing fresh ones, so ordered these. The chestnuts were good sized with few flaws. Made creamed chestnut soup for Thanksgiving, it turned out very yummy and making Chocolate Chestnut Cake for Christmas…I’m sure it will be delicious too. These chestnuts are very well priced compared to other options and I would purchase them again.
MoriahKathleen, GA


I grew up with chestnuts and for years I roasted my own (seasonally) and had to deal with what I found inside (good or rotten) after roasting them. Well, no more roasting for me! I now can eat chestnuts anytime and these taste just as good as roasting them yourself after you’ve put them in the microwave on high for about 15 seconds.

I also find the flavor very good. Although the darker color took some getting used to, it makes no difference to the chestnut flavor at all. I found them moist. However, chestnuts are a drier nut. (My grandfather always ate them with his wine!)

Chestnuts are also part of my diet. They’re low in calories, no cholesterol or fat and have a lot of Vitamin C and some iron even. Much better than any other nut to munch on IMHO.

I was buying these at my local grocery store, but due to the Christmas season, they’re out. If they don’t restock, I’ll be buying them again on-line. These are a staple in my household. Everyone loves to munch on them….esp. after they’ve been microwaved a wee bit to get them warm.

JammieOakman, GA

Chestnur dressing made possible

I can sometimes find canned or jarred European chestnuts at about $20-$30/lb. But not always, and I am never again going to try roasting and peeling my own chestnuts to put in dressing. I was delighted to find these Chinese vacuum packed version in my big grocery store at a fraction of the cost. They are fine in my dressing (which always gets rave reviews). I would not try try them for marrons glacee, but for poultry or pork dressing they are a godsend. Gefen Whole Chestnuts, Roasted & Peeled, 5.2-ounces
AlicaProtivin, IA

Excellent product.

Excellent product at a very reasonable price. Good for turkey stuffing, or anything else that calls for chestnuts. Moist, not dry and perfect for snacking. Low calories, no fat, no cholesterol.
LudieCecil, AL


Gefen Whole Chestnuts, Roasted & Peeled , 5.2-Ounces (Pack of 6)I saw Dr.Oz likes to take chestnuts with him as a snack;
so I ordered these. When something is roasted I was expecting
a roasted nut. Instead I opened a wet package of guey, soft,
disgusting tasting nuts. Now I find they are not returnable;
nor can I contact the seller. I order a lot on Amazon because
it usually is good quality, Prime is too cool. I am a Pharmacist
who works a lot of hours; hence it works for me.
This is so disappointing.
MaryannGriffithsville, WV

Product of China!?

If I had known this was from China, I never would have ordered it. I know it’s difficult to avoid products made in China but I will not knowingly buy food from China. I opened a bag and tried one and it’s mushy. I would not want to snack on these.
MargaretaDixon Springs, TN


It looks like dung and tastes horrible. If you want to have an experience of disgusting yourself, buy it and try it!
JanaGrant, LA

Not very good .

Have purchased these in the past , we’re not bad . This last order was not as good , the chestnuts were an ugly color pale brown , not too apitising to look at .
MargotGreenbrae, CA

Just OK. Value for price

OK for pureeing in desserts, or crumbling in stuffing, for example. Not at all acceptable if you want a roasted chestnut snack. For that only fresh roasted will do.
But good value for the price, the jarred chestnuts from France are just too pricey. I don’t like that they’re from China, wish the company could find a European source. Probably won’t buy again, unless country of origin changes.

BTW, I found these at local supermarket during the holidays, if you want just one package.

GenevaBig Rock, TN