General Foods International Vanilla Bean Latte Decaffeinated Drink Mix, 9-Ounce Tins

Naturally and artificially flavored. Rich and creamy with a dash of vanilla flavor, inspired by the cafes of France. General Foods International is a line of rich, creamy tasting flavored coffees and chai teas packed in the brand’s trademarked tin, as well as in boxes of single serve envelopes. The delicious selection of flavors includes sugar free, low fat and 100 calorie varieties.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six 9-ounce tins, each tin containing about 18 servings (total of 54 ounces / 108 servings)
  • Powdered mix produces sweet, creamy coffee drink featuring vanilla flavor
  • Flavor inspired by French cafes
  • Sweetened with sugar; includes nondairy creamer
  • No cholesterol; no trans-fat

Top reviews

ordered sugar free decaf.. and got something different

I was a bit upset at the fact that i had ordered sugar-free decaf international coffee’s and got decaf with sugar..however, I was away on vacation and did not get back for a month, when other members of my family opened items and used some of it, so I could not return the full package. So, as it stands, I won’t be drinking the 6 cans I bought, guest and family members will enjoy them. ( disappointed )
SixtaAkron, MI

Use it quick. Expires in two months.

Delivered October 4, 2010. Expires in barely two months on December 5, 2010. I signed up for “Subscribe & Save” every six months so I could have one tin a month of this flavor, but it makes no sense to do so since four months before I get another delivery the batch will be past the expiration. I’m really disappointed since other purchases I’ve made through Amazon have never had this issue. The coffee itself is good and one of the few decafs I’ve tried with a nice flavor, but you need to drink it quick before you have to toss it.
JudeKoshkonong, MO

Vanilla Bean Latte

We needed to find a replacement for the decaf French Vanilla because we weren’t able to locate it in our area. After some research, we found the decaf Vanilla Bean Latte and decided to give it a try. We like the foamy consistency as well as the overall taste, especially the vanilla flavoring. We eventually were able to find the decaf French Vanilla but in comparison, we prefer the decaf Vanilla Bean Latte over the decaf French Vanilla and will continue to buy it.
DespinaBennington, OK

foamy sweet drink

I like this product a lot. It’s a good substitute for hot chocolate – when you want a sweet hot drink, but don’t want chocolate flavor. Also, this mix produces a nice foam – kind of like a ‘real’ latte!
It is difficult to find this product, the sugared decaf mix, in grocery stores (most carry the sugar-free decaf instead) – and I strongly prefer the sugared kind.
I also use it to sweeten/flavor cheap regular coffee.
You can make it with hot water, or with hot milk for an extra-creamy drink.

I had heard that the “General Foods International” coffees were going to be re-branded as “Maxwell House International” coffees. So hopefully I will be able to find this same product under the new brand.

OdessaNorth Charleston, SC

Expiration Date in two months.

The price was right for 6 cans of General Foods International Vanilla Bean Latte Decaf. I should have realized there would have been a catch. The “Best when used by date” is December 05, 2010. I received them in the mail on Sept. 29, 2010. I thought I would have a fresh product to last me the winter. Maybe expiration dates can be added to food product listings.
KemberlyLittle Falls, NJ

Hard to find in stores

My wife can only drink decaffeinated coffies and this one is, I am told, being discontunued so I bought as many as I could. The suger free decafinated is the same price but you get only 1/2 the coffee. This is her 7PM, I need to relax, fetish, Fast shipment, great taste, good price. Happy wife….happy husband.
IvoryAlexander, IA

Hard to find GFInternational product

Thanks to Amazon, I can still have my cup of Vanilla Bean Latte(Decafe) in the morning. Very prompt and accurate.service
EdnaStevens, PA

Hard to find decaf

I wasn’t able to find this coffee in decaf at my local store. I was happy to find it on Amazon at a reasonable price. It’s quick and easy to make, and tastes great. I just wish I could find the expiration date on the can. The cans purchased at the store have a date on the bottom, these do not.
MayeHouse, NM

Great Latte

This decaf. is very hard to find. I could not find it in grocery stores. Finally thanks to Amazon I have found it and at a GREAT price. Love it, love it, love it. I WILL order it again.
SergioGarfield, NM

The Best

This is the best latte that you can buy and fix at home. I think it is just as good as Starbucks hot coffee. I just wish it wasn’t so hard to find. I can not find it in the grocery store anymore. It is decaf which is all I can drink.
DanaWest Fairlee, VT

vanilla bean latte (decaf)

was hesitant to buy new product in bulk before trying but did it anyway. extremely glad i did. love the product. smooth and creamy like a latte shud be.
JeremyWendell, ID

great decaf!!

This is the best instant decaf I have ever had and I have tried all of them!!
MaryamCedar Brook, NJ

Tastes like sugar water.

Very disappointed with this product. It tastes no different than sugar water; flavor-lacking as well. Bought 6 cans and have only used up 1 can so far in a few months, while the rest just sit there collecting dusts. Years ago, I remember loving the International Coffee mixes I bought from Albertsons, Safeway, etc., but now I despise this one. Such a waste of money!!!
LolitaOjibwa, WI

Wouldn’t have it any other way!

I had been looking for General Foods International Coffees for sometime and made it so easy to find, and help me to get the best price ever. Ordering, paying and recieveing was so easy. I wouldn’t have it any other way!
WillowChillicothe, IL

Very Good Latte

I really liked this latte and the price was right, but my favorite store starting stocking it, so I switched from Amazon..
ReynaHensley, AR

Love this frothy coffee….

I bought this coffee when Amazon had a special promotion going and ended up loving it. It’s very smooth, creamy and frothy. I’ll definitely buy more.
MarloSchell City, MO

Vanilla Bean Latte

I could not obtain Vanilla Bean Latte in our area and was able to find it on the internet. The price was considerably lower than at the local stores for similiar products and it is great to receive it on a monthly basis now.
VenniePoncha Springs, CO

It’s Good!

I tried this in place of the French Vanilla Cappuccino which I assume is out of production, and it’s very good. Didn’t realize it was decaf but I bet there isn’t much taste difference. Anyway, it’s creamy and frothy; I highly recommend it.

Sandra Everest

OdaCherrylog, GA

General Foods International is The Best

I love the taste of this special coffee. I keep a can at work so when I come in on those blistering cold days (and we have many), I can make a quick cup of coffee. The taste is not to heavy and not too light. It’s made with real sugar, none of the fake stuff. And, it has non-dairy creamer in it. Great flavor and MUCH cheaper than what I would pay for a cup of ‘special’ coffee in a restaurant. Matter of fact, a whole can is cheaper than some cups of those special coffees in the restaurant. Either way, I really enjoy it.
OlinAlco, AR

Nice for relaxation

Decaf French Vanilla is my favorite for a relaxing afternoon cup of coffee. In the mornings I mix it half and half with Orange Cappuchino so I can have two cups with half the caffeine.
EugeneHavre De Grace, MD

My bedtime coffee

Perfect for relaxing me after a long stressful day. Works better than hot chocolate, or a drink, for me. It is becoming harder to find though, because folks seem to be using it in the sugar-free blend instead of exercising.
ArianneMc Knightstown, PA