General Mills Chex Mix Treats, Chocolate Chunk, 6.36-Ounce


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Quite Good Tasting.

From time to time my nearby Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market has displays of items that are on sale, perhaps because they are being discontinued. Sometimes, the items were never carried in the store in the first place, as was the case here. So, here were some packs (boxes) of six bars of Chex Mix Treats of the Chocolate Chunk variety. They were at a 50% discount. How could I resist?

The individual bars are 1.06 ounces and weigh in at 120 calories. They’re mostly made of cereal but have added chunks of chocolate. They’re quite good tasting and make a nice snack. I get them primarily for my little boy (4 years old) as a snack and as an “incentive” type of thing. He loves them, of course, and they have some nutritional value in addition to being a treat. I might judge them to be a little high on the candy content.

Gary Peterson

JoeannFeasterville Trevose, PA