General Mills Lucky Charms 2 Bags, 46-Ounce

One 46oz box containing 2 bags of General Mills Lucky Charms cereal.

Quick facts

  • Includes 2 bags
  • Frosted toasted oat cereal with marshmallows
  • 110 calories and 0g saturated fat per serving
  • Includes 14 vitamins and minerals

Top reviews

Read about GMOs before purchasing this cereal

This was one of my favorite cereals as a child. Probably should have been a treat to have once in a while rather than breakfast if you consider many of the ingredients that have always been a part of this cereal. However, since the mid-1990s, our food supply has contained progressively more and more genetically modified foods (unbenounced to the public), and this cereal more than likely contains a fair amount of something that is arguably much harder on our bodies than food colors and preservatives, genetically modified corn. The U.S. produces and consumes the majority of GMOs worldwide. Europe banned them from their food supply in 2001. We do not hear much about them because many of the big U.S. food conglomerates such as General Mills do not source organic or non-gmo ingredients and they sponsor our media, t.v., newspapers and magazines. Please read about GMOs, the studies that have been done, and the health risks for you and your family. Here is a great article from Natural News:


JuliaAppleton City, MO

My kids love it

When shopping for cereal, what are you looking? Do you look for catchy name, pretty picture or bigger box? Don’t judge your cereal by the box – start reading labels. You might find that some cereals are loaded with sugar and other stuff you can’t pronounce. But how much time are you willing to spend on reading labels in the cereal isle? General Mills made the label reading process easy. They now have a white check on some cereal boxes. Is it still the same old cereal? Now every cereal with the white check has more whole grain than any other single ingredient with the same great taste. You will see “whole grain” as a part of the first ingredient on the ingredient list, indicating that whole grain is the first and most prevalent ingredient.

When it comes to taste, my kids cannot get enough of it. They obviously love searching for lucky charms in their bowls, and the love the taste. I have no other choice, I have to buy it again
General Mills Lucky Charms Bonus Pack, 46-Ounce

HerschelKingston Springs, TN