Gerber 1st Foods Applesauce, 2-Count, 2.5-Ounce Tubs

Give your baby her first taste of vegetables. Gerber uses only wholesome ingredients, which are an excellent source of Vitamin A. Nature Lock – The unique Gerber Nature Lock cooking process captures more of the goodness nature intended. No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Quick facts

  • Pack of eight, each tub holds 2.5 ounce (total of 20 ounce)
  • Treat your baby with eight different delicious vegetables
  • The fruits and vegetables used in these products are 100% natural. Next add meats

Top reviews

Does not taste like peaches anymore

I believe gerber may have mixed apricots with the peaches. It now has a sour after taste and my son hates it.
RubinCooperstown, PA

holy cheapness!

I know the price varies for stage 1 foods but sometimes they are a lot cheaper on amazon then in the stores. I wasn’t sure how many were in the package so I decided to just buy one. There are 8 packs of 2 in this package so for the price, you are getting 16 containers. I personally wasn’t sure if I was getting a great price or paying slightly more then if I went to the supermarket. I like these gerber containers of baby food. It’s easier to get the food out, they do make some organic varieties, and you seem to get almost double the amount of food for the same price as jars. If you only use half the lid snaps back on easy like a desposible food container.
ZinaMorongo Valley, CA

to go to for baby constipation

These prunes saved so many of my baby’s uncomfortable constipation days when he started on solids. The puree seems to be easier to consume than prune juice and we used to give it to our baby with yogurt. It soon became his favorite food and eased his symptoms. I highly recommend this product to parents who are having a hard time with their babies’ constipation.
AltagraciaSandy Hook, VA

Does the job

Our pediatrician recommended we feed our constipated 6 month old prunes. He wasn’t too thrilled with the taste but it did the job:P
MercySharpsburg, OH

Decent Deal

I think BJs has a better deal on mixed fruit packs by Gerber, but if your child really loves peaches, this is great!
AracelisOrange, VA